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Google Looking to Further Complicate Search Engine Optimisation with +1 System


Google are looking to counter the influence of Facebook’s ‘Like’ system, where users can click on a button to indicate that they like a status or page, with their own system that will offer something similar for websites.

The solution, which is being called “plus one-ing” will see the company attempt to move further into the world of social media by placing a +1 button next to its search results. This will allow users of the search engine to indicate which websites they liked and which they didn’t, thus allowing Google to determine which sites are more relevant and popular with users. Its hard to imagine that this won’t have an effect on search engine optimisation in the future.

The idea, which is quite similar to something Yahoo tried five years ago which also allowed users of their search engine to indicate which pages they liked, seems to indicate that the search engine giant may be running out of ideas. Time will tell if it is a success.

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