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Google May be Eyeing Partnership with Spotify to Launch Google Music

Rumours are flying that Google is looking to strike up a partnership with Spotify in an attempt to get its Google Music service off the ground. A spokesperson for Spotify has denied the claims, however denials of such things have been issued before and it is well known that Spotify is currently leaking money.

It has already been reported that Google is developing a new platform for music to compete with iTunes. The company has even gone so far as to take down OneBox, leading to speculation that a replacement music service is imminent.

The company want to launch the music locker with record company blessing, hence the apparent flirtation with Spotify. The company may be looking to offer a more sophisticated service than Amazon’s recent music locker, hence the desire for licensing deals.

Spotify currently has two of the three major record labels on board in the USA and is fully licensed in Europe, sparking interest from Google as a result.

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