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Google May Soon Announce Upgrade of Android Operating System

Google appear likely to announce a new version of their Android operating system, which is currently used in a number of different smartphones. Reports are suggesting an update in April is imminent, despite the fact that the last version has only been with us since Christmas.

Version 2.4 will likely integrate new features from Google’s tablet computers and will possibly merge Version 2.3 with Honeycomb, Google’s specialised operating system for tablet computers.

Reports appear to suggest that a new version of Android, 2.4, will be necessary to allow smartphones to take advantage of features that will be important to Honeycomb. This makes it appear even more likely that Google will be looking to integrate it into a new version of Android as soon as possible.

Software developers are also hoping that upgrading the version will cut down on the coding that they have to do to get apps working on both smartphones and tablets.

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