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Google Named as Most Valuable Brand in the World by Study

The 2011 BrandFinance Global 500 report has named Google as the most valuable brand in the world, placing Microsoft at second place. The search engine giant has a brand value estimated at $44.3 billion, with Microsoft trailing with a budget of $42.8 billion.

Half of the top ten branded companies are technology related companies, however the fact that Google has spread so far beyond its dominance of the search engine market and into software development and other areas put it in the perfect position to receive top billing.

Examples of its branching out include those in its growing not-for-profit business such as services that helped out in rescue efforts following the natural disasters in New Zealand and Japan.

“The rise of the technology brands has been expected for some time, although Nokia’s fall shows that it is tough to stay at the forefront of such a dynamic industry,” said David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance.

“Over the last couple of years, we have found that, across many leading companies, senior management are increasingly using brand valuation dashboards to monitor the health of their brands throughout the year in order to make better informed strategic marketing decisions. This trend is likely to continue as the sheer size of these brand values becomes impossible to ignore,” he continued.

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