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Google Search Engine Honours Earnest Shackleton

Yesterday Google changed its popular banner to honour Ernest Shackleton, prompting users of the search engine and SEO specialists alike to ask…who?

For those not in the know, Earnest Shackleton was born in 1874 and is amongst the most famous polar explorers of all time. After initial failure when he was sent home from Captain Scott’s Discovery Expedition through illness, Shackleton embarked on a trip of his own in 1914.

He and his crew of 56 men set sail for Antarctica with the goal of becoming the first team to cross from sea to sea, via the South Pole however his ship, The Endurance, became wedged in ice. Astonishingly, despite 500 days without any outside help, Shackleton managed to save every one of his ships men, making him one of the most notable explorers of recent times.

So now all you SEO in Birmingham specialists know. Made a nice change from the soppy Valentine’s banner.

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