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Google to Update Chrome Browser to Add Voice Recognition

Google have announced that they will be further updating their Chrome web browser by adding voice recognition to the software. The latest beta build of Chrome will support HTML5 speech input API, to allow for basic speech commands to be recognised.

The API will also allow web developers to write web apps for Chrome that allow full speech recognition, and thus better accessibility. The transcription occurs on a speech server after the sound is recorded.

The speech recognition is reputed to work in a similar fashion as that provided by Android, and works within a second of receiving speech.

According to theinquirer.net “It recognised “hello” and “how are you”. When we said “The INQUIRER” it gave us “the enquirer”. We said “for all your technology news” and it returned “phone technology”, which suggests it might still be a little rusty around the edges.”

The group experienced more success when speaking in a monotone, but it remains to be seen how far this technology will be taken in the future.

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