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The Great Birmingham Run - #inthezone 45

Great Birmingham Run – #inthezone 45

If you’re running a business and you are still trading then, CONGRATULATIONS! Whether you’re thriving or surviving, you’ve soldiered through, put in the grafts and made it into the fourth quarter of 2016. That in itself is a great achievement.

Don’t forget though, the toughest part for businesses is yet to come…Christmas is literally around the corner!

We hope businesses and parents alike are planning ahead for the festive season as the key to a great Christmas is preparation!

Before I digress and start talking about Santa Claus, here’s #inthezone 45:

Change is an essential part of life. At Wow Zone that change has come in the form of a blessing as we’ve taken on two new team members.

Prior to this article, we briefly introduced you to Amo, however, a picture was not included. So here you go…

Meet Helen (and Amo):

Amo and Helen

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to capture both of them in a “Charlie’s Angels” pose…it was all Helen’s idea!

Great Birmingham Run

As the blog banner suggests, Helen ran the #BirminghamHalfMarathon this weekend and we got a few words out of her regarding the whole thing:

Birmingham Marathon

Q) What made you want to go out and do the great Birmingham run?

A) In all honesty, I had a lot of people say that I couldn’t do it, and actually laughed when I suggested the idea, so I continued through with it to prove them wrong! I was originally planning on doing it with my partner, but he had to pull out, so I felt like I had to continue on for the two of us.

Q) How would you describe the feeling of passing the finishing line?

A) I sprinted the last 400m (which if anyone knows me is a near-gone impossibility) so to know that I completed 13.1 miles and still sprinted the end felt great. I felt very emotional when I crossed the line, but that quickly got taken over by pain as I sprained my ankle.

Q) What would you say to someone wanting to complete their first half marathon?

A) I would say that raising money to do it is a great motivator to keep going. But the most important thing is to train, indoors and outside. I spent most of my training indoors, which is great for stamina, but training outside prepared you for awkward flooring and you’ll be less likely to be injured. But you have to want to do it and be determined, because it is so easy to fall off the training wagon and give up. There’s no shame in walking in, but training is key.

The Google Pixel

The final bit of news this week comes from Google themselves. No this isn’t as Digital Marketing related as you think, it has more to do with technology.

As you may have seen for yourself, Google decided to release their very own phone – the Pixel!

Prior to this, Google released phones that were designed by themselves, but not entirely. Now all of the hardware comes from them, with the software still being android.

Google Pixel

There is speculation that this phone is set out to eradicate iPhones off the market for good. People are calling the Pixel the “iPhone killer”…

Which corporate giant will take the L? Discuss below!

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