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#inthezone 28: Hold the door

#inthezone 28: Hold the door!

Hold the door

Gooooooood afternoon all! It is a good afternoon, isn’t it? The sun is shining, the birds are singing…oh wait, and it’s raining again. Guess that’s just British weather for you. Well, can’t complain, at least the sun came out to say hi for a whole 15 minutes today! On a serious note though, we are definitely seeing a lot more sun these days, can’t wait to see the weather June and July holds.

Boy do we have some great stuff to cover this week, from Qasim’s appointment to the Asian Busines Chamber of Commerce (which is a division of the Greater Birmingham Chamber) to “Hold the door”, there’s just so much going on (NOTE: If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones, don’t worry, you won’t find any spoilers in this article)!

Let’s start with our weekly digital marketing update (which we’ve been posting only recently on #inthezone). Anyway, this week we have an interesting stat to talk about. “Google now handles trillions at least 2 trillion searches per year”. Notice how it says “at least”, they haven’t given an exact figure but they’ve stated it’s “trillions” meaning it’s 2+. If you go with the figure 2 trillion searches per year that means;

  • Searches per second: 63,000
  • Searches per minute: 3.8 million
  • Searches per hour: 228 million
  • Searches per day: 5.5 billion
  • Searches per month: 167 billion

If you’d like to read more, here’s a good article where we got our facts from. Included in the article is a history of Google and more!

This section of the article is dedicated to all of the Game of Thrones fans. Last week’s episode may have just topped all of them. We don’t want to talk too much about it, as it may spoil it. We would advise that you go and watch it asBusiness Chamber soon as possible! The hashtag #HoldTheDoor was trending on Twitter right after it was leaked, you’ll understand after watching it…

If you’ve already watched GoT and you’re heartbroken, let us mend your broken heart with some great news. Our CEO Qasim Majid has just been appointed to join the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce’s committee! This is massive news for us, not only does it mean exciting prospects for the future; it means new contacts, more growth and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, lasting friendships! A Massive thank you to the Asian Chamber, Saqib Bhatti the president, Anjum Khan – Director and the Exec board for doing an amazing job thus far, we look forward to the future and benefiting from your value! Read the press release here.

Staying on the topic of “value”, another important event that occurred last week was the SPIN cycling festival in London. You’re probably asking yourself “why is this important and how does it relate to Value?” Well, we’re glad you asked. One of our clients (Roux Bikes) were exhibiting there and, as you know, we were running their marketing campaign to ensure maximum exposure at their stand. As well as this, Qasim decided to send Ammaar and Pady to ensure the whole thing ran smoothly. Now, there was a lot of work to be done in the office, but it’s about providing extra value to your clients, really going above and beyond to make them happy. We really hope Scott and Tim at Roux enjoyed our company, it was a fantastic experience for both Pady and Ammaar!

Well there you have it folks, you’ve caught up with some digital marketing and the latest news of what’s happening at Wow. Do you feel proud? Probably not. Should you feel proud? Probably not again (kidding of course)! Today we would like to reiterate the importance of creating value. We’ve already talked about this previously on #inthezone 15, but today we’ve shown you a real example. Value doesn’t have a shape or form, it could be anything from a small gesture a (like a courteous phone call) or something larger (like offering resources). Value is created when you understand a client’s expectation and deliver above and beyond. That extra piece is called value.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “What’s this hold the door nonsense?!” – Baki

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