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How AI is changing Digital Marketing for the better

Artificial Intelligence or AI has become an increasingly debated subject matter in recent years. Tech moguls such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk are both quite anti-AI with Gates saying “hasn’t anyone seen terminator” whilst Elon Musk has spoken at length on how the human race could become obsolete with the advancement of AI. Even though Elon has a company called Neuralink which professional conspiracy theorist David Icke believes will aid the reach of AI! Anyway…enough about potential apocalyptic futures; this blog is about the here and now. Right now, AI is having a huge effect on the digital marketing industry and this blog will tell you just how AI is changing digital marketing for the better!

Machine Learning Platforms

Machines can be programmed to conduct certain tasks but they can also learn from their experiences and adjust their behaviour accordingly. A great example of machine learning is Google’s AI Call Assistant that was demonstrated in 2018. It showcased a human calling salon to book an appointment and it was greeted by an AI operator. The AI grasped the human conversational nuances almost perfectly and was able to navigate the conversation expertly. Even though there was some back and forth with regard to a suitable date/time for an appointment booking, the AI adapted and booked the appointment just as adeptly as a human would.

Voice Assistants are just one of countless applications AI could be used for. Machine Learning is automated, self-improving (meaning no need for explicit programming) and can be programmed to run on different algorithms.

How AI is changing Digital Marketing for the better - machine learning

What does AI or Machine Learning have to do with Digital Marketing though?

AI will be able to analyse data far faster than any human could meaning digital marketing companies will become more efficient than ever before. Marketeers will have rich, extensive, already analysed data at their fingertips to aid decision making and provide a more effective service for their client base.

There is also the potentially for what’s being coined “predictive analysis” which is utilising this automated data mining to make accurate predictions for future outcomes of various activities which, in theory, should result in better campaign performance, higher ROI and more revenue generation.  

Analytics is just one application (the tip of the futuristic digital ice berg if you will) so here are some others:

How AI is changing Digital Marketing for the better - options

1) Cyber Security

In the UK, almost 500 identities are stolen everyday as a result of cybercrime. Through Machine Learning, AI can learn from attacks, help automate threat detection and provide better security against future attacks.

2) Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming an increasingly frequent site on websites. For those not in the know these bots act as virtual assistants for customers to help with generic queries the customer may have. These bots can save a lot of time and money for businesses and can be added to emails, apps and texts as well.

3) Personalised Shopping Experience

A customer’s preferences, habits and buying behaviours can be tracked, analysed and utilised to bring about the most conversions as humanly or robotically possible. Through various channels, the AI can make the best suggestions via the best actions in order to convince the customer to hit that buy now or enquire now button.

4) AI powered website builders and content creators

AI can already design and develop websites. We’re seeing this via Wix’s Artificial Design intelligence (ADI) already. Then, based purely on user data and how users interact with the content, the AI could tweak the website design/content layout and colours of certain website elements based on what works. UX will be continually improved. The only thing business owners may have to do is input their content…or do they?

A lot of content marketing is a repetitive process and machines have reached the point where they can write reports and emails with little to distinguish them from a human writer. It’s not too farfetched to believe that in the very near future, AI could create customised website content as well. Based off a few keywords or a brief description about your business, it could scan the internet for relevant content which it could manipulate to suit your specific business and its offerings.

To conclude, the future for digital marketing is rather exciting. It may aid to the extermination of humanity as we know it but I’m sure there’ll will be at least a couple of blissful decades where humanity and AI live in harmony and productivity. Time will tell.

At Wow Group, we love creating new machine learning platforms so if you want to utilise the cutting edge of technology to aid your business goals, give us a call on 0121 285 1100 or send us a message on our contact us page.

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