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How does Google AdWords work

How does Google AdWords work?

Ahhh Google AdWords, a personal favourite of many digital marketing agencies. It’s tried and tested highly targeted method for getting the right customers through the virtual door of your business.

For those not in the know, AdWords is the advertising platform where advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their adverts appear in certain Google search results.

We’ve all seen these adverts. When you search pretty much anything into Google these days, the top 1-4 search results all come accompanied with the little green “Ad” box showing you that this search result us not an organic one.

There are also other methods of advertising on Google including display, video and app advertising but search ads are the most well-known.

When someone clicks on these on one of these adverts, the advertiser who created that particular ad is charged a nominal fee which can range from as little as a few pence to many many pounds.

How much does AdWords cost?

The cost of AdWords is all down to what is known as cost per click (CPC) and this can vary quite dramatically depending on what sector you’re in.

For example, law, insurance and finance related keywords are notoriously expensive. You could be paying up to £14 per click in some of these industries which is quite frankly redonkulous! Tis the nature of these particular industries however, and that’s just how Adwords rolls sometimes.

Just to reassure you, it is highly unlikely you be paying those sorts of gargantuan cost per clicks but there are ways of bringing your CPCs down. To do this, you must optimise what is known as your Ad Quality Score which involves improving the relevancy of your ad related to the keywords you’ve chosen and also the landing page experience of your users.

That is unfortunately all of the time we have here today but there will be a follow up post in two days; we’ll tell you just how to improve your ad quality score!


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