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How Relevant is Google’s New Search?

SEO BirminghamMany users of Google, ourselves included, were very excited to here of Google’s integrated social searching options that have recently been implemented. In fact, we wrote a blog not long about it and we were eager to see what it was like and were very positive about its’ introduction. Now what we have started to ask is exactly how relevant the search results that we are getting really are?

One of the most noticeable facets of the new search is the bias toward Google+. Now, you might be saying that they are well within their right to do this as it is there product and they have every right to promote it. On the other hand, Google dominates the search engine market and equates for over 80% of all searches made on the web, therefore, if they are placing higher importance on all of their products over any competition then isn’t this a bit monopolistic?

We have seen many cases of companies having action taken against them for pushing products upon their customers unfairly and Microsoft is a prime example with their Internet Explorer web browser. So what is there to stop Google to have such action taken upon them.

There has been quite a few bits of bad publicity surrounding Google recently with their dubious Adwords campaigns and many other companies and users not being happy with the new search options, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Google starts to lose some of its immaculate image over the coming months.

The most important thing for any user, no matter what they use Google’s search engine for is to be able to have the most relevant search results appear for whatever they are searching for. We understand what the search engine giant was trying to achieve by integrating social searches but in reality, it just isn’t working. Maybe we are being a bit too critical at the moment and maybe Google will come good (as they normally do!) but until then we will have to bear the frustration a little longer before we think about moving to Microsoft’s Bing!

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