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How to increase website speed part 2

How to increase website speed – Part 2

So yesterday I gave you some great starting tips to increase your mobile speed, but that was to get you off the start line, I’m here to get you to the finish with part two!

Without trying to repeat myself, it’s very important to stress the absolute vital-ness of website speed – desktop and mobile alike!

So here’s some more points to help you get your speed up to scratch!


This one requires the assistance of the person in charge of your server. You need to make sure that the person hosting your website gives you the best possible platform for you.

If you’re using a Shared Host, you’re basically keeping your website in a server that’s surrounded by lots of other websites, but with a dedicated server, you’ll have faster speeds because you aren’t sharing anything with any other website.


Did you know that having all those Share buttons (“Share us on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn etc”) can actually slow down your page loading speed?

Because you’re giving it extra code to process, it means on the back end, your page will be prioritising the wrong areas to load first.

You need to find the balance now – what profiles should I prioritise with the sharing? I would recommend Facebook and Twitter, nothing more!


Minifying means removing unnecessary or redundant code from a web page. The more code on a web page the longer it’s loading time will be which is why minifying is a great method to increase speed.

You can minify a page’s HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Google recommend using these resources for your minifying purposes…

  • HTML – HTMLMinifier
  • CSS – CSSNano and csso.
  • JavaScript – UglifyJS. The Closure Compiler is also very effective. You can create a build process that uses these tools to minify and rename the development files and save them to a production directory.

That’s it for today’s digital marketing knowledge nugget of goodness. Remember, a fast site is a happy site and a fast site will appease the Google gods so get streamlining!

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