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How to know when you need a break from social media

We all love social media (even if we say that we hate it sometimes!) and it has become an integral part of most of our lives. It offers a way of communication that has never existed before and can connect people all over the world to bring together whole online communities at the click of a button. Facebook itself would be the third largest country in the world in terms of how many people have profiles set up and with over 30% of the world’s population now connected to the internet, this number is only going to grow.

SEO BirminghamWhilst all this is great and makes sure that each morning we know exactly what all our friends did last night and are able to see the latest image of a crab wearing a top-hat, we think from time-to-time that we all need a slight break. Below are some of the tell tale signs that you need a break from social media:

1. When you find something amusing you exclaim LOL or ROFL instead of laughing

If you are finding trouble with laughing and you find yourself compelled to shout LOL, ROFL or LMAO (to signify the different intensities of hilarity that your feeling)  then it may be time to try and take a break from your online conversations and try to reintegrate with physical chat.

2. You find that you ‘Like’ most of the things that the people you know are doing but cant bring yourself to dislike them

Are you going around the city centre and telling strangers how much you like what they are doing? Are you telling your friend that you like that they are ‘bored and need something to do’? Do you find that you are doing this multiple times a day and receiving an equal amount of strange looks? If so, you are probably finding it very strange that you cant find a way not to like what anyone is doing and spending minutes of frustration trying to work out why on earth you can not like what they are doing. In this case, the advice we would give is to maybe have a day off from social media.

3. You only speak in sentences of 140 characters or less

Do you find it hard to string together complex sentences that consist of more than 140 characters? Also, do you find it slightly strange that you are able to calculate the exact amount of letters in your sentence as you speak whilst taking into account spaces between the words? Don’t worry if this is happening to you, you are not alone. We have witnessed several people that talk in this manor. Recently, one of our clients finished a sentence by saying ‘hash see you tomorrow’. Needless to say we admitted them straight into our social media rehab clinic.

Don’t fear if you are facing the symptoms outlined above because there is help out there for you. Get in touch with us and we will give you a full diagnosis that can get you back on your feet (or computer chair) in no time. In the meantime, maybe have a little hour break from the laptop each day… #yourgoingcrazy

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