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How Users Interact with Facebook Fan Pages

Many companies now have their own social media presence or are at least thinking about having one. The first port of call for most is a Facebook fan page where users can go on and ‘like’ the page and gain access to all sorts of different content from exclusive promotions and competitions to playing interactive games. These fan pages can be pivotal in directing traffic to the company’s website or reinforcing brand awareness, but just how exactly does the average Facebook user go about interacting with these brand pages?

A recent study was carried out by comSource that looked into the online activity of Facebook’s users and where they spent most of the time during their navigation through the website. What they found was that users spend over a quarter of their time on the website purely within their Newsfeed and they also found that users are 40-150 times more likely to consume branded content in the Newsfeed than to visit the Fan Page itself.

SEO Birmingham, Web Designers BirminghamThe study found that through utilising ‘friends of friends’ within Facebook, firms are able to gain a much wider reach and by providing regular content into the Newsfeed of their fans then they are much more likely to be shared with other friends. This enables the fan page to grow in size and popularity which, in turn, results in more web traffic. To conclude their findings, comScore summarised their data like this:

“By focusing on measuring the reach of their branded content among various constituencies, brands can more effectively understand and optimize the way in which they leverage their presence on Facebook. Secondly, we believe that brands can realize significant untapped benefits by understanding and focusing on reaching the Friends of their Fans. “

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