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In App Billing Launched for Google Android Market Apps

Google have finally caved in to developer demands to allow for the selling of digital content from within applications released on the Android Market, according to a blog post released by the company on Tuesday.

The general aim tis to provide developers with further ways of making money and will allow them to sell items such as media files, photos and content such as new game levels.

Users would pay in the same way they currently do for Android Market items and Google itself will receive a 30% cut of anything sold, in a similar fashion to what they receive for applications. The Android SDK even provides a sample application to show how it all works.

Google have been steadily improving the Android Market in recent months, as many see the market as a slightly weak point in the Android operating system. Increased competition from the likes of Amazon is now spurring the company on to improve their service.

“It is another step in the right direction and we are certainly planning to use them,” Eric Wijngaard, who created photo editor PicSay, said via e-mail.

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