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#inthezone 4: Keeping yourself consistent

Keeping yourself consistent


Good Afternoon dear reader, it’s your favourite time of the week again! That’s right, #inthezone part 4 is here so stop what you’re doing, throw every distraction around you into the trash, grab a coffee and enjoy the read! WARNING: If you actually followed these instructions, you may be at risk of stupidity and should see a doctor immediately. Just kidding of course…Or am I?


More great news to kick things off with this week, there have been a lot of changes around the office in terms of staff. We recently hired a promising young lad from Aston University to work in the business development department. He is head of the “Aston Entrepreneurs” society and to be honest his accent makes him sound cooler than Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Mr. Freeze in the Batman movies…




As impossible as it sounds, it’s true. Let me take this moment to introduce you to the man that is Matthew! As you can see by the picture he has quite a striking personality, which is why we have full confidence in saying he’s a perfect fit for the role. He’s also secretly a ninja, which always helps with any type of job.

Matthew Lukanoff

Matthew trying to blend in with the wall…


Keeping up the positive vibe, the second topic we’re going to cover is Diwali! We hope all that were celebrating had an amazing time. Judging by some of the beautiful firework displays, I know many of you enjoyed it. In honour of Diwali, here are some cool facts you may or may not know about the festival of lights.


  • Diwali is not just an Indian national holiday. Trinidad & Tobago, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Guyana, Surinam, Singapore, Malaysia and Fiji. Who knew it was so popular amongst many different cultures?
  • Playing card games during Diwali is believed to bring you good luck and prosperity in the following year! So if you saw me with my poker face on yesterday, now you know why.
  • Diwali isn’t always on the same date every year, it follows a Lunar Hindu Calendar. This year it was on the 11th November whereas next year it will be on the 30th October!


Remembrance Day also passed us on the 11th. It really is quite sad to think about how many have lost their lives fighting for this country, but thinking about the fact that people fought to make this country what it is today makes me prouder than ever. Instead of remembering all of the negativity, we should all focus on the positives. In this case it’s the previous generations fighting to lay the foundations for the rest of us.  #LestWeForget. If you think about it, the standard of living here is amazing compared to other places around the world. Take a moment to be grateful for everything you have, but in the words of Steve Jobs stay hungry and stay foolish! 


Thinking about it, this week has been quite topical. From Diwali to Remembrance Day to other events that occurred. It really does get one thinking. Much like Remembrance Day, in business there will be losses. It will never be plain sailing, there will be highs and lows. However, it reminds us that if it isn’t a struggle, then it probably isn’t worth fighting for. Remind yourself why you’re fighting, think about what you wish to accomplish and set goals to reach that place you want to be. Without setting goals you’ll just be a headless chicken running around. Alongside this remember to be patient, because nothing comes over night. Like they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so don’t be shocked when you work hard but aren’t seeing the rewards instantaneously. We all have the power to achieve greatness, most of us just don’t know it! 

Quote of the week: “A favour will kill your quicker than a gun!” – Ammaar

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