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Key Social Media Tools For Event Marketers (Guest Blog)

Event PlanningEvent planning is difficult work to do, and if you want to promote and execute any plan, then the best way to make your event successful is to take the power of social media into your event marketing. Today a large number of event planners have used social media tools as their most powerful weapon. Below there are some fundamental guidelines which will help your event to drive successfully using social media.

Make a plan                                           

You can start planning by using social media tools like Skype, Gchat, etc. so that you can make audio and video conversations which will help the whole process to move quite faster. Also, you can use PB wiki to share your documents, for editing any information adding up your important notes and for other features also. Google calendar will be a powerful tool for organizing all event dates as per you assign the works along with the date.

Highlight the main discussion

To attract the attendees you may set the Twitter walls or Facebook walls so that they may get involved in your main discussion. These are the main places where the attendees will come and search for more information. You can use Tweetwally, Visible Tweets which will provide twitter wall functionality.

Promotional tools

The important part of successful gathering is the promotion. People will get attracted only by a successful promotion. Make sure that your attendees can find you in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and as many as social media tools available. Besides this, you can also add yourself to the well-known event websites.

Optimizing the event

It will be your sole responsibility that there should be no complaints. Mind it that you are keeping your attendees and guests’ happy. You can make High speed wireless available so that it can make tweeting and converse easily among your guests. Live video streaming is a terrific idea for the group of people who have missed attending the event. You can use Ustream and Mogulus which streams out the important part of the events. Hence, there is no need of streaming the full video. Another important part of this is to get feedback from your audience. Are they happy or they complaining about the speakers, foodies or about any other matter related to your event.

Posting an event

After posting a particular event, you must look after the last impression effect of the event so that in the future if you create an event, your guests of the previous one will be intended to come. So for this reason you must have to keep a continuous communication with your attendees. You can impress your attendees by sending thanks, your recent updates and information about your events. Always remember excellent communication with your attendees could be your best weapon for promoting and executing an event.

With the help of social media tools, we can create an event whose result will be successful and stunning. Moreover, social media tools can be considered a great tool for spreading the news about your events and accomplishing your goals.

About the author: Kelly Marsh is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology, health and parenting. Beside this she is fond of blogging. She also likes reading various articles on auto motto & gizmo watch.


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