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Learning from the best

#inthezone 42: Learning from the best

Learning from the best!

Once again it is Friday, which means a lovely read for all of our audience. Hot off the press is #inthezone 42! No crazy hiking this week, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t had other adventures. For example, Qasim was on the Islam Channel this Monday, and we were quite excited for that opportunity. Without giving away our big surprise right away, let’s get into #inthezone 42: Learning from the best.

As mentioned above, Qasim was featured on the Islam Channel this week. The programme was called “living the life”. Generally, it is a discussion based show where the presenter and other people involved discuss issues in the community and hot topics. Opportunities like this have been surfacing since our TV debut with Channel 4’s “the job interview” and it just goes to show how one big break can open so many other doors for you. There are many other top secret projects in the work as a result of the increased publicity, but that’s all hush hush for now…

Don’t fret though, we do have something that we’re allowed to announce today! If you haven’t already seen it on our social media channels, we’re partnering up with Avisso Media to bring you all #SocialDay! We’re so excited because they’ve done some amazing work in their space. We’ve checked out some of their previous work, and we can say that they’ve made a lasting difference to businesses like yours. If you attend the day, you’ll learn exactly how to use social media to enhance your digital marketing strategy. Usually, the tickets come at a cost of £55; HOWEVER, we’ve been given a special promo code which you can use to get £15 off. Use it quickly, because tickets are genuinely selling fast. Secure your place now!



Just 10 days left until this social day kicks off and we’re so excited!
Social Day

Talking about exciting times, Eid is around the corner. For all of our Muslim followers, we wish you a joyous celebration. Remember to stay close to family and take a few days off work to re-evaluate your business. What is your meaning of Eid? Mr Mango Delivery recently published an awesome article covering this topic and you can check it out here!

The busiest quarter of the year is coming up and your company needs to be prepared for the sales it has the potential to generate! A key indicator of successful entrepreneurs is the ability to learn from others. Having the the patience and willingness to listen to others, even if it doesn’t sound like the most attractive option, is a vital skill most people don’t possess. The link between success and listening is inextricable, which brings us right back to #SocialDay. Christmas is coming up, and with the valuable insights provided at the event you’ll see a massive return. You will be learning from the best in the industry, gaining priceless knowledge for a measly sum of £40. Most ordinary people will be hesitant to spend the small amount, but you’re not ordinary, are you? Let’s get you making some serious money, book on today and see your business benefit almost instantly. 

PS, we published an article on Monday regarding a possible Google Core Algorithm Update, and it would be awesome if you checked it out.


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