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Magento Cyber Monday Checklist

Are You Ready For The Cyber Madness?

With Black Friday (and Black Friday weekend) out of the way, there is one more massive sales event that is taking place leading up to Christmas. Some will say Cyber Monday is a good time for shoppers to save a lot of money on gifts, well it is also a big opportunity to secure a lot of sales for e-commerce stores. Cyber Monday is a close second to Christmas in terms of opportunity from online customers. With that being said, you want to make sure your website is properly optimised for conversion. This is why I’ve made a Magento Cyber Monday checklist of things you’re going to want on your site to ensure maximum sales.

Direct customers to your offers page:

This one is obvious, but can tend to be overlooked a lot of the time. Sometimes companies create amazing graphics and re-design parts of their website but at the same time don’t consider that customers need to be blatantly directed to your offers. Creating clickable banners with text that says something along the lines of “Save over £100 on selected items, CLICK HERE to find out more” will see a higher conversion rate. As well as catching the attention of the user, it instructs the user what to do next, in this case click on the banner to find out about the offers.

Put a time limit on offers:

Shoppers also need to be reminded that the offers won’t be there forever. This encourages them to take action before it’s too late. With some of our Magento clients, we were able to put a timer on the offers page, which is a great way of saying that these offers won’t last forever. Back this up with your social media pages, and voila, you should have some more sales on your hands!

Ticking clock

Display your discounted products on the home page:

As well as letting people know they should click to see more of your sales, sometimes that’s not enough. Displaying your best offers will definitely compel the more hesitant users to click through and therefore drive more traffic to your offer section. A nice image of some of your products on sale with something like “save 50% on these” will do the trick!


Remind people how much they’re saving:

The truth is, people are more persuaded if they think they’re really getting a good deal. So constantly reminding them how much they’re saving is a great way to really increase conversion that little bit extra. Having the previous price, alongside the new price is good practice. Your product price should look something like this “WAS £100, NOW £50. That’s half price! You Save £50”.

Make use of e-mails:

If you’ve got an e-mail list, why not whip up a quick e-mail to remind people of your offers? Not only will this help drive some traffic, it may keep you in the back of a few people’s minds. If you make it clear to them that the offers won’t last long in the e-mail you may get a few sales just from that!


The truth is if you’re missing some of these points, then you’re missing out on potential sales. However, these points are small, it doesn’t take long to design a clickable banner and direct it to your offers page. So it’s definitely not too late! You can still fix up the small issues in time to secure a boost in sales. Why not give them a go? Comment your best conversion methods underneath.

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