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Magento Product Pricing

Magento product pricing

Magento product pricing

A great follow on from last week’s “importing products in Magento” tutorial is to show you exactly how to change the price of said products and manage how many of them are in stock (product quantity). Here’s our article on Magento product pricing:


The first step is to log in to the back end (captain obvious strikes again). Once you’re in, go through to Catalog -> Manage Products. 


Screenshot 1
Once you’ve found the product price you want to change, click the hyperlinked “edit” button. This will take you through to all the customisable options!


Screenshot 2
On the left side (under product information) you can see all these options. The one we want to select for now is “price”. However, take a good look as we will later revisit this area (in another article).


Screenshot 3

Once you’ve clicked on the “price” tab, you’re through to the place we want to be. As you can see there are 4 main price functions. Price, Group Price, Tier Price and Special Price. The definition for each of these is as follows:

Price: The standard price at which your product will be sold at. Simply enter the price which you want to sell your product at and voila!

Special Price: Typically used for sales/discounted products. Simply enter your sale price and then put a start/end date on it. Voila again, you’re now set!

Group Price: This function allows you to set prices for specific groups of people. For example the cost of the product is £300, wholesalers can buy for £250, friends of a customer can buy for £280, etc.

Tier Price: Sell items at a discounted price if the user buys more quantity. For example, the standard cost per item is £10, if the user buys 5 the cost per item becomes £7. Below is an example

Screenshot 4
There you have it, a simple tutorial, yet the simplest things are often overlooked.

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