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Making business connections – #Inthezone 43!

Making business connections:

It’s the 23th of September, which means we’re only 1 week away from the end of the month! Are you happy with what you’ve achieved this month? As a business, you should never become complacent. Are you satisfied with what you’ve managed to achieve over the last 28 days? Now is the PERFECT time to reflect on what went well and what could’ve been done better. Being in such a fast paced industry means that we have adopted this ideal, keeping it at the forefront of our campaigns. Have you not been making business connections, neglecting your digital strategy or offering poor customer service? Now’s the time to fix it!

With this in mind, that brings us to something which impacted us largely and got us rethinking our whole social media strategy…


We attended the event run by Avviso Media on Monday and we have to say it was one of the best events we’ve ever been a part of! From start to finish, the organisation and running of the event was on point. Good organisational skills are a massive requirement when running events such as #SocialDayUK, so a big thank you to Lucy Hall who was key to the events’ success.

A few hours after the event, stats were released showing just how successful it was. Check out this crazy fact:

Social Day UK Stats

10.6 million tweet impressions!

We didn’t want #SocialDay to end but, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end! This saying seems even more relevant than ever now that Pady has officially left Wow Zone. Today marks Pady’s last day and it seems that the first thing he’ll be doing is jetting off to explore! We wish him all the best with his future endeavours and hope to see him visit us sometime soon (yes if you’re reading this Pady we’re expecting a visit ;))

As you may have noticed there wasn’t an #inthezone article out last week (due to promotion of social day). This made us miss the opportunity to wish our Muslim readers a happy Eid…so here’s a quick shoutout to everyone in the Muslim community. We hope you had a great Eid filled with many blessings (and gifts)!

And now, before we wrap up, it’s time for another thanks. This one goes out to everyone who shows us support day in day out. Why the random thank you, you ask? Well, we’ve almost hit 1000 followers on Facebook, which will truly be an amazing moment. It isn’t just a number; it represents all the hard work we’ve put it over the past year growing our business. Seeing the desired outcome is really gratifying…THANK YOU!

Let’s get us to 1000 likes on Facebook:



That about nicely wraps up everything we wanted to talk about this week (whilst compensating for last week’s no #inthezone). The article isn’t done yet though, it’s time for another business lesson! Grab a pen/pad, sit down children and gather around.

The biggest learning curve for us this month came from Social Day UK. Although we’re experts of everything Digital, we were still able to soak in valuable knowledge and expertise about social media (which just goes to show you can never “stop learning”). Put yourself in an environment which challenges you, but enables you to learn from others at the same time. Once you’re in that environment you’ll be able to learn from people who have gone through the journey you’re about to undertake and can therefore offer you invaluable insight. If you want to do something significant this weekend, start making business connections and you won’t regret it!

SPECIAL THANK YOU to Social Frames for the blog image, they’re great at what they do. Check them out here!

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