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inthezone part 8

#inthezone 8: Managing time efficiently

Managing time efficiently

It’s been 8 weeks of #inthezone…Just let that sink in. Does it feel like it’s been 8 weeks? Hell no! Are we happy to have started this blog segment? Hell yeah! Really feeling a positive vibe this week, not sure why…maybe it’s the drugs, who knows? P.S no drugs were actually ingested during the production of this article. Hold that thought, there’s a unicorn at the door. I’ll just be right back…

So, usually before getting into our articles we make a few announcements; well this week is no exception. We’re officially expanding into the London market *crowd cheering in the background*. So if you have any buddies down South that need marketing work, website development or pretty much anything that’s digital, you know who to refer them to! 😉 With that out of the way, let’s get down to business baby!

When we post this article it’ll be the 10th December, which means we’re getting really close to Christmas day! This also means that 2015 is almost over, how quick has it gone? Feels like the years are just flying by…Not to mention Ammaar will have officially worked here for one year in January. Feels like he just started, where is the time going? Anyway, if you have any awesome plans for Christmas, or any funny stories to tell, we’d love to hear! Just comment them below and we’ll pick the best one to feature in next week’s article!Undercover Elvis

So this week we discovered something special about one of our staff members. By special I mean he’s the king of rock and roll. Yes that’s right; Elvis Presley is in the building. You thought he wasn’t alive? Well you thought wrong! He wanted out of the rock & roll lifestyle so he could settle down, start fresh and live out his dream of being a marketing department manager/expert. We tried getting him to “give us a little show”, however he replied with “that sounds wrong, don’t ever say that again please”. BUT he did agree to pose for a photo…”thank you very much”!

We really like Adnan’s hairstyle in that picture, which brings us on to our next topic. We don’t really like to get into politics, however some of the comments made by a Mr. Donald Trump make us feel compelled to say something. The only thing more outrageous than his policies is his weird hairstyle! Honestly, that thing seems to have a life of its own. Sometimes we think that hair is clouding his judgement; I mean he wants to control the country but can’t even control his own hair! The worst part about it all? A third of Americans seem to want to elect him as President, not even as a joke…#OnlyinAmerica.

Moving on from Elvis and ridiculous haircuts, let’s have that business lesson! In the end, the only certainty we have is that time will pass. However, it is what you do with that time that really matters. Will you be thanking yourself in 10 years for all the effort you put in, or will you be have regrets? You only get one chance at life (or in other words “YOLO”). We all have to work hard at some point in our lives, there’s no doubt about that. You can either do the work when you’re younger, fresher and more agile or (like that college assignment you were given years ago) you can leave it too late. The former sounds like a better idea, but you’d be surprised with how many people choose to go with the latter. Even worse, some people never wake up, and go on to lead unhappy lives. Success is a choice, so let’s all make the right one!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Skating isn’t an art, it’s a method for picking up girls” – Ammaar

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8 years ago

Quite right Qas. I must admit to feeling that “You Only Live Once” seems a bit of a lame truism and as you say success is a choice. That is why I prefer OLLI – “One Life – Live It” much more punchy and affirmative with a kick up the backside imperative to remind you to do it while you can.

8 years ago
Reply to  Rick Grain

Hey Rick,

Hope all is well. Thanks for the feedback. If I was James Bond, I’d be saying “You Only Live Twice”. Hope you enjoy #InTheZone !

8 years ago

I have a less politically correct version of OLLI…

It goes like this:

F*** tomorrow, do it today because tomorrow never comes.

“Because” is a very important word in that sentence as it has been shown to drastically improve your chances of convincing someone to do something 🙂

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