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How to Create a Memorable Marketing Message

It’s the dream isn’t it, being able to spawn a couple of lines for a memorable marketing message, shove it all over your marketing material and have it draw in tonnes of business for you…


I’m sorry to say that is very much a dream. Marketers like me dream of our marketing terms going Viral, but it usually is the rarest cases that it happens.


However, there are things you can do to help improve that, and one of those ways is by making your marketing message memorable!


We’re currently attempting this with a client of ours with some rather riské messaging (not too bad I assure you) but rather playing on the emotions of the customers. See what you think:


“This is the only noise your neighbours won’t complain about…even after 10pm”



Think what you like, it’s about a Washing Machine!


But it played to an emotion right? The shock, the tease – you won’t forget that in a hurry!


You have to ask yourself some important questions if you want to get that kind of emotion through from your marketing efforts, and they are:


1) Is the message you’re thinking of putting going to be remembered, or is it a copycat message you would see on website headers all over the internet?


2) Is there a unique twist to your message?  If you’re in a competitive niche then the way to stand out is by weaving your personality into your branding!


3) Are you speaking to the right people?  Even a memorable marketing message won’t hit the mark if you’re delivering it to the wrong people!

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