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How to Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch!

You, your colleague, your cleaner, anyone working within your business should have an elevator pitch!

What is an elevator pitch? I’ll give you a great example! Picture it…

…You step into the lift of a building complex, and strike up a conversation with the person standing next to you.

He introduces himself, and your ears chime – he’s the CEO of that company you want to work with! He asks what you do, this is your chance!

You tell him your name, your business and what you do at the drop of a hat – all in 30 seconds!

He nods his head, shakes your hand and says “Sounds interesting. Take my card, we’ll talk. Let’s book a meeting.”…

The elevator pitch is a quick 30-second pitch to someone you might meet who you want to work with. You sell yourself in the space of an elevator ride – it’s that simple.

But it’s not, you could also royally screw it up, with lots of umms, ahhs and just general awkward sounds.

That’s why you need to be prepared! So whether it’s a totally new thing for you or you just need to improve it – we’re here to help!


You need to outline each section to help you get the most from your elevator pitch. If it helps writers, it will help you!

Explanation – Start by explaining in one line your company, your product or service. Avoid the jargon!

Value – Show off some quick data that proves how good you really are!

Ask – Simple as you ask for what you’re looking!


So you’ve your basic elevator pitch, your extended elevator pitch (in case the lift gets stuck) – now it’s time to start creating some variety!

You’ll be pitching to a variety of people, so some areas may need to change depending on who you’re speaking to and what you’re asking for!

Having those different versions ready stops all those umms and ahhs right in their track!


Passion and Energy, these are your key elements to this elevator pitch. They’re just as important as the content because the delivery sells you.

Practice in the mirror, to your loved ones, to your obedient pets. Take their feedback and refine until you have that perfect elevator pitch!

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