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Executive Online Django & Python Multi Language Web Development

300% increase in traffic



When we first joined forces with EO, there were a number of issues which needed to be addressed.

Not only were there multiple sites, but they spread over 15 different domains in multiple languages. There was no overarching brand voice or tone between regions/ franchises. This meant multiple logins and duplication of work – timely and costly!

The lack of consistency was present across all aspects of the sites. SEO was generally cumbersome – however differed between countries, labour intensive, with no unified analytics.




When it came to developing, it was important to establish one main website, with all countries/ franchises adhering to the same brand tone.

We consolidated all the sites into one main website using Django CMS and Python, controlled by the master franchisor, with a site map so each country would be geo-tagged.

We integrated a number of solutions, including a bespoke-built CSM to accommodate languages,
Salesforce to allow for payments and leads, and AWS hosting for high traffic.




With a 300% increase in organic traffic, the global domain structure has reaped huge benefits. Not only is EO performing better, with stronger SEO, we have set the brand up for the future – easy to update, scalable, analytics for each country and an established brand tone.

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