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Humanitarian Academy for Development (HAD)

4.80% increase in conversion rate
120% increase in traffic



The original site was not reflective of their reach, nor their skills in the NGO and Humanitarian training field. They wanted to attract charities and 3rd sector organisations to book onto their courses and engage with their content, but they needed to make this clear on their website, by including all of the regions in which they work, as well as the appropriate languages.




We developed a global website with a bespoke WordPress framework. Complete with an eCommerce function for users to book courses, it was filled with fantastic information, making use of a CRM and back office eLibrary to pull through documents.

We also incorporated an interactive map to easily locate areas of work, a third party payment gateway, SEO techniques and a sophisticated eNewsletter facility with bespoke coding. We even created an Arabic version, which is completely ‘right to left’, including navigation!




With an increase of 120% in traffic in the first month, HAD saw great improvements. Online bookings increased by 70%, and they started getting partner enquiries from NGO globally. With the Arabic version, we have been able to open up HAD to the whole of Middle East and North Africa, unlocking huge opportunities.

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