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#inthezone 1: Pushing for excellence

Pushing for excellence!


First off, I’d like to congratulate YOU (the reader) for being a part of our new blog segment. Follow us on our weekly endevours as we bring you #IntheZone. Join us through all the trials and tribulations we face at Wow as we pursue our ultimate goal, growth…and enjoy the comedy gold we bring you whilst you’re at it! Not only will these posts make you fall out of your seat from laughter, there will be business lessons scattered throughout so we can all grow together.


So…where do I even start? Last week was one heck of a week!  Firstly, our marketing assistant was fined by bus inspectors as he forgot to renew his 1 day overdue bus pass. If this wasn’t stressful enough, the following day he was stopped on the way to work AGAIN, only this time by the police.  The reason? Looking “shady”; apparently wearing a hoodie on a cold day makes you look similar to a knife wielding maniac! Of course this sounds really similar to the time Sehreen got stopped on the M6 with Qasim, who could forget that! Her car had supposedly been involved in a robbery, which means the obvious lesson here is don’t buy cars that look like they could be used for a robbery…Or maybe people shouldn’t take what’s not theirs? We’ll let you figure it out!


Reader’s discretion is advised from here on out, things may just get a little too intense. Not as intense as the amount of squeezing the phantom logger had to do to block the toilet though. That’s right, our toilet was blocked and we still do not know who did it! Thankfully the issue has been resolved, but what’s stopping the Phantom logger from coming back and doing it again? He/she needs to be caught! Perhaps hiring a private investigator would be the best way to go about it since no one wants to step forward and claim responsibility…


Moving on to a less disturbing topic, maintenance man Akber has finally fixed the foosball table! After weeks and weeks of suffering from withdrawal, the foosball team can now enjoy their daily fix stress free. Of course, this comes at the cost of a reduced lunch time, but the satisfied expression on their faces after an intense game gives the “totally worth it” sort of vibe.


Maintenance Man AkberAnd now it’s time to award the quote of the week. This week Qasim wins by a landslide with his adaptation of David Brent’s famous quote from the office. It goes something like this, “if all around you are losing their heads and you remain calm, then you haven’t understood the seriousness of the situation”. Although Qasim has won this week, Safina has her eye on the throne and guarantees she will win quote of the week next time!


Believe it or not, the events that occurred in this hectic week reiterated our hard work ethic at Wow. This is to always keep moving forward, no matter what the circumstances. Although sometimes it may seem stressful, or that the universe is working against us, we still make no excuse. Our mindsets have adapted in order to perform at an elevated level. In fact, we believe that a good mindset is one of the main keys to success. Many successful people have attributed their success to the same thing. In the words of Joshua J. Marine, “Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”. The happy expression on the client’s face is enough motivation for us to keep pushing for excellence and break all the odds.

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