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#inthezone 49 - Refining the process

Refining the process – #inthezone 49

Are you refining the process?

23 days folks…

23 days!

Christmas is so close – Michael Buble is once again emerging from his cave to perform for us!

Michael Buble Meme
Another key indicator that Christmas is close is the cold weather we’re experiencing…oh so cold.

Temperatures are slowly dropping to below zero and cars/roads are frosty.

But, perhaps the biggest indicator of them all, most people are leaving their abode with a “frowny face” in the morning.

Let’s just hope water pipes don’t burst this year because we all remember how many problems that caused.

Denmark leading the way

Straying away from such negative topics (unless you enjoy the cold) – a city in Denmark is about to become the first (in the world) to provide most of its citizens with water using only the energy created from household wastewater and sewage!

This kind of sustainability excites me as it is creating a much brighter future for us all. I won’t go into detail, however, click here to read on if you’re interested.

Change like this is what we need, as scientists are now saying we (more than ever before) at risk of climate change.

When talking about good change, Nestle is also leading the way!

Less sugar in Nestle chocolates

They’ve recently taken the initiative to make their chocolates healthier.

Their researchers have apparently found a way to structure the sugar they use differently, allowing them to use a whopping 40% less.


Nestle Kit Kat

Before you stuff yourself, you should know the planned change will be implemented from 2018 onwards…

The sugar used in this new chocolate dissolves quicker, tricking the taste buds. Glad to see they’re refining the process of chocolate making!

It’s time to rejoice, for two main reasons!

On top of chocolates like Kit Kat and Aero being healthier, we also had a successful #BlackFriday campaign for our clients.

Breaking Records – refining the process

We even had Mr Mango Delivery break a record, so a massive well done to the marketing, design AND development team for their efforts!

It was a team effort, however, these three-awesome people made it all happen. They were the brains of this whole operation, so thank you!

Amo, Helen and Anna

It’s all good breaking records, but until you understand why it happened you won’t be able to replicate this “formula for success” in the future.

This is why we’re constantly going back to the drawing board, asking ourselves “what can we do to continue refining the process”? 

The best way to figure it out is just experiment as much as you can.

For social media – you can put out different types of content and then measure which gives you the greatest return.

For emails – you can A/B test, then analyse which methods give you the results.

I could list different digital marketing techniques and how to refine the process for each all day, so I won’t go on.

ALWAYS change your approach because you may stumble upon a digital goldmine some day.

Enjoy your Friday folks, that’s it for this week 🙂

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