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Search Engine News Round-Up #6

Search Engine Weekly Roundup

In this weekly instalment  we provide you with the finest blogs and articles from the worlds of SEO, marketing and social media. This edition includes tips from the very best regarding time management, the new face of SEO and a new Google Analytics tool.

How SEO Pros Manage Their Time
Sean Dillon Smith | seandillonsmith.com

Tracking analytics, keeping a watchful eye on rankings, analysing keywords, writing reports, writing blogs/articles, dealing with clients, link building, forming relationships, etcetera, etcetera. There is just so much to do in SEO, it can prove rather difficult to manage and allocate your time properly. In light of this, Sean Dillon Smith has posed a set of 7 questions regarding this, such as “how do you track your time spent?” and “what tools do you use to keep on task?” He asked several SEO pros these questions, and has documented their responses into a fantastic blog post on his eponymously named site.Why not Tweet Sean’s Blog here:

SEO is Evolving – Are You?
Daniel Bianchini | oxondigital.co.uk

Over the course of the year, there has been such a dramatic, drastic change to how SEOs have to approach their work with the main culprit for this being Google’s Panda/Penguin updates. Many of the tactics that have been used in the past are simply not an option anymore, and will have repercussions. This post by Daniel Bianchini goes further into depth regarding just how SEO is changing and evolving, and includes a superb infographic, provided by Fuzz One Media. This infographic compares SEO techniques of old to the new face of SEO, the methods that are commonplace after the Penguin/Panda updates.
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25 Online Marketing Trends for 2013
Shaad Hamid | SEOptimise.com

This post, by Shaad Hamid on SEOptimise, details 25 trends in the online marketing industry that he thinks will grow in popularity over the course of the next year. Shaad continues the trend set by SEOptimise, where they produce an annual blog regarding trends for the upcoming year. He reckons that 2013 (if we’re all still here *gulp*), will see trends such as; the concept of context being king will come to the fore, companies will put more into their Google+ strategies, etc.
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47 Resources to Carry Your Link Building Through 2013
Greg Shuey | SEOmoz via YouMoz

Loosely following the previous two subjects, we look towards Greg Shuey’s recent post on Youmoz. This post is all about future proofing strategies for link building. He’s compiled a list of a whopping 47 posts (a round-up within a round-up, round-upception) which he believes will help guide us all in our link building attempts for the future. He’s even been good enough to organise these posts into 8 separate categories; guest blogging, social media, blogging, broken link building, online PR, competitive link building, giveaways and localised link building.
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Google Analytics Cost Data Import Tool
Aaron Aders | SlingshotSEO.com

An interesting new tool has been announced for Google Analytics, the Cost Data Import tool. This tool helps you import costs regarding the online advertising that you’re tracking, and then you can subtract this cost from revenue which is also being tracked to calculate ROI. This tool will be a huge help for companies who want to ascertain the true return that they’re earning via advertising channels. If you’re not sure how to set this up, Aaron Aders has written a very helpful three-step guide on how you can utilise this tool.
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That’ll be it for this week’s round-up, feel free to give your opinion below, and share this post and the fantastic posts which we’ve mentioned. You can do this by clicking the “Tweet” button beside the corresponding post.

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11 years ago

thank you for the kind mention Liam!

11 years ago
Reply to  Sean Smith

No problem, Sean. Thanks for tweeting to your followers.

11 years ago

I will publish my annual Web trends list somewhere else for 2013. SEOptimise only managed to parrot it.

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