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Search Engine Weekly Round-Up #10

This weekly instalment provides you with five of the finest articles and blog posts from marketing, SEO, social media, et al. This week includes some creative SEO, optimisation for WordPress and improving your outreach strategy. A tad late of course, but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/New Year!

Guerrilla SEO: BitTorrent
Dan Petrovic

SEO isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind regarding BitTorrent, which makes this post both intriguing and highly creative. As Dan Petrovic mentions in this post, he’s aiming for innovation this year, and this is certainly a fine start. He speaks about how he uses sharing sites BitTorrent and MiniNova to get his content out to a wider audience. This post details from start to finish how to upload your content to BitTorrent, and then promote it and gain exposure for it via MiniNova, all free of charge. There is a list of all of Dejan SEO’s content on MiniNova, where you can see that they’ve received thousands of downloads.
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SEO for WordPress – What Every Blogger Should Know
Matthew Barby

WPKube have been kind enough to give our Matthew Barby a guest post on their blog, and it’s all about SEO for WordPress. WordPress is a fantastic tool for SEO, with a veritable plethora of tools out there to help you in your SEO ventures. Matthew speaks about several topics in this post, all to do with the best methods of carrying out SEO in WordPress. This post goes in depth into areas such as on-page optimisation (optimising page titles, images, et al), creating a sitemap, ensuring that your post is ready for social sharing, site architecture and structure, etc.
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Using Personal Experience to Qualify Your Outreach
Luke Clum

Outreach can prove to be a drab, mechanical affair, overall ending fruitlessly for both parties. With its growing influence and regularity, you’re going to have to improve your pitch drastically, which is what this post is for, courtesy of Luke Clum via Distilled. This post goes through several key areas prevalent in outreach, and what you can do to improve. He speaks about how you should show your value to the blogger, and if you feel that you can’t contribute or feel out of your comfort zone, you should learn. A key part of this post is how Luke speaks about using personal experience in an outreach, such as past work.
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31 Types of Blog Posts for Every Day of the Month
Amanda Gallucci

When running a blog, it’s key to have an overall plan and schedule for what you’re going to do over the course of the week/month. For instance, this very blog you’re reading right now goes up at the same time, every Friday, as well as a goliath of a post going up mid-week every 1-2 weeks. In this post, Amanda Gallucci details what goals you could aim towards for your blog, as well as the crux of the post, 31 different types of blogs. There’s a fantastic range of ideas in this post, with shorter ones such as company news and mocking up an infographic displaying statistics, as well as more time consuming ideas, such as holding a contest or an event.
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Three Stupid Simple Ways to Brainstorm Content Topics
Greg Shuey

Recent changes have made it so that quality content is king now, so it’s vital that you come up with the right content strategy, though it can prove quite difficult to get the creative juices flowing, so to speak. We could all do with a quick refresher now and again, and that’s what this post provides. Greg Shuey’s recent post on Marketing Pilgrim goes in depth into three simple methods: word association, internal research and external research. He also provides examples of how he has utilised these techniques, all of which should help you in your content creation crusade.
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That’s it for this week’s round-up; I thoroughly hope that you enjoyed this, and the wonderful content created by those we referred to. Feel free to give your opinion below, and share this post and the posts which we’ve mentioned. You can do this by clicking the “Tweet” button beside the corresponding post.

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