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Search Engine Weekly Round-up #23

The Search Engine Weekly Round-up is where I look at the finest articles, talking points and general news from the week, all from the worlds of SEO, Marketing, Social Media, etc.
This week, we look at a periodic table, link building stories, the value of NoFollow links, and some interesting new SEO tools.

Periodic Table of Google Analytics
Jeff Sauer

Starting things off is certainly one of the more creative things I’ve seen in recent times, this is an interactive period table which displays the options available within Google Analytics. Created by Jeff Sauer, this very clever feature on his site lets you hover over each of the ‘elements’, displaying something available to you within Google Analytics, complete with a short description. From Adsense Reports and Bounce Rate to Visitor Flow and Webmaster Tools, this table contains a myriad of helpful tools. Also, if you fancy a physical copy of this, Jeff has mocked up a version ready for print, with all of the elements/options listed.
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Link Building Stories
Emma Still

A really fun, interesting post here provided by Emma Still, who has accrued responses from a handful of SEO experts, all about how they got their first ever link. It’s really interesting to read these, taking into account just how much things have changed since some of these links were built, with some of these stories dating back over 10 years! With some of these stories including testimonials, infographics, outreach, and yes, even those dirty directories, this is a great article, and a very entertaining read.
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How Valuable are NoFollow Links?
Josh Hansen

On a similar note of crowd sourced posts, Josh Hansen of the Electric Dialogue blog has spoken to a selection of SEO experts about one topic: NoFollow links, and more specifically, their value. He asked these experts (Gianluca Fiorelli, Jon Cooper, Ruth Burr and Paddy Moogan) a set of questions, and this post contains their responses to the following questions:

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being incredibly and 1 being not at all) how valuable are nofollow links to a link builder?
  2. What does, or doesn’t, make nofollow links valuable?
  3. When is the most effective time for us to use nofollow?
  4. How has the value of nofollows changed in the last 3 years?
  5. What do you predict for their future in link building?

This is a very interesting article, as it’s highly interesting to see what these experts think about NoFollow links and their value.
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The Latest 5 Tools I’ve Added to my SEO Toolbox
Craig Bradford

The final post in the week’s round-up takes a look at a range of SEO tools, which have all been used and reviewed Craig Bradford of Distilled. It’s always interesting to see what tools the SEO experts use in their day-to-day routine, especially when they’re more niche, unheard of choices. He goes through a selection of tools, those being:
Chart Intelligence Plugin – A plugin which overlays Google Analytics data with Google Updates to see if you’ve been affected.
Link Research Tools – These are a suite of tools, but Craig speaks specifically about Link Dtox, a tool which will point out any dodgy links going to your site.
Rmoov – A very helpful tool which will help you get rid of those aforementioned dodgy links.
Optimizely – This tool will be very useful for your Conversion Rate Optimisation endeavours.
Deep Crawl – This will enable you to crawl a website.
Scrapebox – Craig speaks about how this tool can help you check if toxic links are still live, check page rank and work as a sitemap scraper.
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That’s all for this week’s round-up. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading, and have enjoyed the content that has been mentioned. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section, and if you fancy sharing the content which has been cited, click the corresponding “Tweet” buttons.

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