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Search Engine Weekly Round-up #25

The Search Engine Weekly Round-up is where I look at the finest articles, talking points and general news from the week, all from the worlds of SEO, Marketing, Social Media, etc. This week, we look at guest blogging, becoming an influencer, duplicate content and hashtags.

How Guest Bloggers are Sleepwalking Their Way into Penalties
James Finlayson

Ever since Google released their Penguin update just over a year ago, guest blogging has arguably been the most recommended methods of accruing links in a post-Penguin world. This post on the SEOmoz blog from James Finlayson looks at this, and warns us of the possible dangers that can arise from guest blogging. Whilst all guest bloggers won’t get punished of course, this post looks at possible troubles that may occur.
James covers 4 topics in this post; Link Quality, Link Type, Link Location and Authorship.

There are also several takeaways to, well, take away from this, one being that you shouldn’t rely on one type of site for the predominate amount of your links. It looks unnatural, and you should include all types of links in your strategy anyway. This is a very interesting read, providing a different take on guest posting.
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How to become an Influence through Content and Relationship Marketing
Jason Acidre

One of the largest advantages in the SEO industry is influence. Being a respected, reputable figure in your industry can lead to a plethora of further opportunities, expansion of your business, as well as being a major boon in regards to getting content out there, especially with the possibility of Author Rank. Speaking of content, Jason Acidre’s latest post is all about how to gain said influence utilising content, as well as building relationships.
This post looks a few areas in particular, some of which being:
Peers – Network with known people in your industry to help garner a stronger reputation
Influence other Influencers – Look at what other influencers learn from and enjoy, provide content
SEO – If your content is optimised for search, new people will read/follow your work
This is a very interesting, informative piece which is certainly worth a read.
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Ugh! Is Your Site Suffering from Duplicate Content?
Justin Deaville

One thing you certainly don’t want on your site is duplicate content. If you have content on your site which appears multiple times on your site, search engines can’t decipher which of these is the most relevant. So, a search engine won’t know where to direct link metrics, and most importantly, won’t know which version to rank.

This post looks at how duplicate content can occur on your site, how you can find out if there is duplicate content on your site, and what you can do to remedy it.  In regards to remedying duplicate content, Justin speaks about a few options which you could implement, such as 301 redirects and canonicalization. If you’re worried about duplicate content on your site, this is certainly a recommended read.
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Why Your Company Needs a Hashtag Strategy
Wallaroo Media

Social media should certainly be a massive part in any online marketing strategy, and in these social media outlets, hashtags are a big part of overall engagement. This post from Wallaroo Media looks at a couple of examples of how the use of hashtags has generated plenty of engagement, interaction, traffic, etc.

The previous social media campaigns mentioned are AXE’s “Susan Glenn” campaign, Matt Damon’s “Strike with Me” campaign, as well as Charmin’s “Tweet from the Seat” campaign. This post looks at what these social media campaigns entailed, and how they have proved to be a success for the company that created them. Also, Wallaroo Media have provided us with a few tips regarding how you can implement a hashtag in your company’s online marketing strategy.
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That’s all for this week’s round-up. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading, and have enjoyed the content that has been mentioned. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section, and if you fancy sharing the content which has been cited, click the corresponding “Tweet” buttons.

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Jason Acidre
11 years ago

Thanks for the inclusion Liam! Awesome roundup by the way – haven’t read the last 2 posts you’ve shared yet.

Liam McCarthy
11 years ago

Thanks Jason! No problem, glad that you enjoyed it 🙂

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