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Search Engine Weekly Round-up #27

The Search Engine Weekly Round-up is where I look at the finest articles, talking points and news from the week, all from the worlds of SEO, Marketing, Social Media, etc. This week looks at the latest Penguin update, utilising remarketing, how somebody lost 80% of organic traffic, and link building for your blog.

Penguin 4, With Penguin 2.0 Generation Spam-Fighting, Is Now Live
Barry Schwartz

Well, here it is ladies and gents – the latest penguin update has been rolled out. Matt Cutts announced the release of this update on the 22nd of May via his blog, stating that 2.3% of English-US enquiries have been affected, and that Penguin 2.0 has been fully rolled out in other languages as well.
One extra item to note is that there is now a Penguin Spam Report, where you can report Spammy sites that this update hasn’t noticed.
If you want to find out more about what may have been affected in this 2nd algorithm change, we’ve got that covered here. So, have you noticed anything in your rankings after this update? Feel free to leave your comments below.
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29 Ways to Use Remarketing
Sean Dolan

Remarketing is where you will see the ads of a site you have recently visited, and Sean Dolan is quite a fan of it. Though it may not be for every company, as Sean states in the post, but Remarketing is certainly something which should be strongly considered as part of your SEO strategy.
This post looks at a plethora of ways you can implement remarketing, such as anniversaries/seasonality, 30-day trials, social-based network targeting, event promotions, etc. You can see where Sean gets his excitement from for this particular strategy, seeing as there is certainly some potential here, and this blog is certainly worth checking out.
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The SEO Mistake That Wiped Out 80% of My Traffic
Andrew Youderian

Andrew Youderian’s post on the eCommerceFuel site looks at how he outsourced his SEO to another firm in attempt to free up time and improve rankings, and as you may have worked out… it didn’t exactly go as planned. After noticing that his keyword rankings were dropping, he discovered that his site’s organic traffic had dropped by 80% after the first penguin update.
This post looks at lessons which were learned after this whole debacle, such as diversifying your traffic, utilise email marketing (which was mentioned last week), build your brand, etc.
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How to Build Links to Your Blog – A Case Study
Matthew Barby

We’ll wrap things up this week with the great news that our own Matthew Barby has got another post on the SEOmoz blog! With his first one focusing around relationship building, this post focuses on link building for your blog. During his travels over in East Asia, Matt set up a travel blog, Melted Stories.
This post looks at the link building methods and strategies which he implemented on this blog, including a sizable amount of actionable tips to take away. Touching on topics such as  competitive research, guest blogging and even sponsored posts, this is certainly worth a read.
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That’s all for this week’s round-up. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading, and have enjoyed the content that has been mentioned. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section, and if you fancy sharing the content which has been cited, click the corresponding “Tweet” buttons.

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