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Search Engine Weekly Roundup #3

Search Engine Weekly Roundup

This weekly instalment of our Search Engine News Round-up is here to go through all of the finest talking points, blogs and news from the world of search, and all related areas. This week we have some great advice on how to tackle SEO issues on e-commerce websites, some extremely creative link-building ideas, why Google+ isn’t all its cracked up to be, the top inbound.org users for you to follow and a great infographic displaying the battle between search vs social.

The Most Creative Link Building Post Ever
Jon Cooper – PointBlankSEO

This first article, by Jon Cooper of PointBlankSEO, has been immensely popular over the course of the week, and with good reason. The post is filled with people who work in the field of SEO giving their rebuttal to a question he posed to them: “what was the most creative way that you, or someone you know, got a link?” Some of these stories include a Halloween dog parade, creating baby bibs and of course, David Cameron with pasties. Jon is adding even more stories to this so you simply must check this post out.
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Top 10 Inbound Contributors and Why You Should Follow Them
Mark Traphagen – Virante

Inbound.org is a site which, as the post above alludes to, is similar to internet juggernaut Reddit. You submit content (from the fields of SEO, marketing, etc) and you can upvote content that you particularly like. Of course, there are going to be people who are rather good at this SEO lark and are very active in the medium of social media, which gives them great influence. Mark Traphagen of Virante has compiled a list of the 10 most influential Inbound users, proving links to their social media handles, as well as their top Inbound contributions.
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Why Google+ Fails to Blow My Skirt Up
Hannah Smith – SEO Chicks

One of Google’s recent escapades, Google+, has been criticised in the past for several reasons. For example, people claim that it is basically a ghost town outside of marketers, and as Hannah Smith mentions, “normal people don’t particularly use it”. She also says that whilst Google+ has its uses, such as Google+ Local and Google+ Authorship, you shouldn’t base your social media strategy solely around it. If you want to read more about this, please visit Hannah’s post on the SEO Chicks blog. Also follow her and share this on Google+, obviously!
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Social vs. Search in a Mexican Wrestling Match
Oli Gardner – Unbounce

Oli Gardner, a man not averse to a bloody good infographic, has taken inspiration from the world of wrestling for his new post. The marketing mediums of social and search go up against each other, comparing their effectiveness in several categories. He talks about they weigh in when it comes to lead generation, brand awareness, local business visibility and interactivity, all backed up by stats, of course. To see who comes out on top in this slobber knocker, feel free to visit the post linked above.
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7 Critical SEO Errors of E-Commerce Websites
Sean Work – KISSmetrics

E-Commerce websites can be extremely tricky in regards to SEO, with such a vast amount of content to adhere to, errors can easily be made. Sean Work of the fantastic KISSmetrics has compiled a list of 7 common errors made in e-commerce websites and tips on how to combat to them. If you need a helping hand in your e-commerce SEO, this post is certainly worth reading. In this post Sean speaks about things such as, the importance of usability, the detrimental effects of not properly describing a product and just how helpful having a product review section can be.
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Not Bad

Thank you for reading our latest Search Engine Weekly Round-up, I hope that you enjoyed it and has opened your eyes to some great articles. If you did indeed enjoy this post, and the posts of whom we linked and spoke about, feel free to share this post (and theirs). You can do this in the conventional ways, plus the new option of clicking the “Tweet” button accompanied with each post that will Tweet the content of each of the authors we have featured (because we’re really nice like that!).

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