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Search Engine Weekly Round-up #5

Search Engine Weekly Roundup

In this weekly instalment, we offer up 5 of the finest articles from the worlds of SEO, marketing, et al. This week, we have posts which regard tips for smaller businesses, a recent webinar hosted by Rand Fishkin and Nathan Latka, and how somebody got their website to 100k monthly visits from scratch.

Link Building for the Little Guys
Matthew Barby | SEOmoz

Christ on a bike, our very own Matthew Barby has had a post published on SEOmoz! He’s written about how smaller, less influential businesses can get their content out there and successfully attain links by forming relationships with industry peers. The usual methods of link building have been posted several times (infographics, e-books, etc), but it’s much harder for small businesses to get their content noticed. Matthew speaks about the importance of making these relationships, and what he does to form them. He also tells us how social media and this very blog help with this method, and how he got links to our website from Larry Kim.
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Growing a New Website to 100,000+ Organic Visits per Month
Nick Eubanks | SEO Nick

One of the more popular posts circulating this week has been on Nick Eubanks’ site, SEO Nick. It details a website he built, which got to the point where it accrued 100,000 monthly organic visits within just 9 months of it’s inception. He provides a thorough, in-depth analysis into his strategy for this project, and how it came to fruition. He speaks about his key drivers for traffic growth, his keyword database (containing 50,000 keywords), content strategy, his 3 components of architecture, and a LOT more.
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15 SEO Experts Shared Their Best Small Business SEO Tips
Rana Shahbaz | RanaShahbaz

This post is very similar to one that we mentioned previously, where SEO experts were asked about their most creative link. This time, though, on Rana Shahbaz’s eponymous website, he’s asked 15 SEO experts for their best tip for small businesses, and those new to the SEO field. The advice shared in this post regards things such as maintaining a social media presence, refraining from easy/low quality links, focusing on niche keywords, and an abounding amount more in Rana’s post. The people that have replied to this include the likes of A.J. Ghergich, Cyrus Shepard, and Will Critchlow, so you should certainly check this post out.
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SEO for the Social Media Minded: Webinar by Rand Fishkin and Nathan Latka
Mark Traphagen | Virante

Very recently, there was a webinar hosted by SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin and Lujure’s Nathan Latka, all about the collision between the worlds of SEO and social media. During this webinar, summarised by Mark Traphagen, they key areas covered were:

Facebook search optimisation (URLs, status updates, search tips, etc), earning your audience’s attention/love (click distribution, loyalty etc), as well as a comprehensive 22-part list about inbound marketing lessons/tips (you can view Rand Fishkin’s slides here).
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9 Ways to Write Killer Titles That Convert
Chelsea Blacker | BlueGlass

Right, picture it. You’ve spent all day writing the greatest piece of content you’ve ever written, something that the greats of literature and the top dogs in your field would be in awe at. But… you can’t quite think of the right title. It can be a pain thinking of something which will grab the user’s attention, bringing a plentiful amount of views and social shares galore. Luckily, Chelsea Blacker’s latest post on BlueGlass offers up 9 methods which may help you find some inspiration when thinking of the right title.
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That’ll be it for this week’s round-up, feel free to give your opinion below, and share this post and the fantastic ones which we’ve mentioned. You can do this by clicking the “Tweet” button beside the corresponding post.

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