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Search Engine Weekly Round-Up #7

Search Engine Weekly Roundup

In this weekly instalment, we provide you with the finest blogs and articles from the worlds of SEO, marketing and social media. This week’s edition includes SEO in 2013, guest blogging and the elusive ‘filter bubbles’.

The Future of SEO in 2013
Gaz Copeland | Stoked SEO

SEO in 2012 has been rather eventful, hasn’t it? I’ve only recently entered this profession, and there’s already been an absolute shed-load to keep up with. Considering this, you know what’d be good? If someone could perchance ask a few people who aren’t half bad at SEO what they think could happen in 2013… Ah, that’s where Gaz Copeland steps in. He’s compiled a gargantuan post on the Stoked SEO blog, containing responses from a plethora of SEO experts, all saying what they think 2013 has in store for us.
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The Stalker’s Guide to Highly Effective Guest Posting
Andrew Youderian | Shopify

Guest posting, or better yet, getting the chance to write a guest post, can be an arduous task. Though, it can ultimately prove very fruitful, as Andrew Youderian’s excellent post explains. He chronicles how he got a guest blogging spot on Shopify, after pitching to Mark Hayes, the man behind the Shopify blog. From a wee bit of stalking, to promoting Mark’s content, all the way up to the actual pitch, Andrew has described the entire process. He goes on to review the benefits from all of this, such as the effect on conversions and traffic, and says if it was all worth it.
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Personalities That Make Great SEOs
Peter Attia | Cucumber Nebula

There truly is a myriad of different traits, personalities, and backgrounds in the SEO community. It’s interesting to see how the characteristics people have attained from their backgrounds can relate to SEO, which is exactly what this post does. It breaks down several personalities; Gamer, Artist, Nerd, Chef, Bartender, Musician, Geek and Math Punk, and provides a fun little graph displaying how strong certain traits and characteristics are in each personality. This post, provided by Peter Attia via Cucumber Nebula is definitely one of the more creative, enjoyable posts that I’ve seen recently.
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Don’t Build Links, Build Bubbles
Craig Bradford | Distilled

We’re all aware of the impact that Google+ has on search results these days, and this post from Craig Bradford covers the concept of personalised search, or filter bubbles. He details how things involving Google+ can affect what appears in searches, and how you can effectively get to page 1 without conventional link building. He also shows tests which he did, showcasing the effects something as simple as a +1 can have on results. The idea of filter bubbles/personalised results is quite a controversial topic, some going as far as labelling it akin to censorship, and has been famously spoken about by Eli Pariser. This post isn’t condoning it per se, but it does describe the sheer possibilities regarding SEO and personalised search.
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Nine Tips for Getting More From Your E-Commerce Website
Paul Rogers | Koozai

In a previous round-up
, we linked to a post regarding common errors made on e-commerce websites. On a similar note, this post from Paul Rogers, who has plenty of nous and experience in this field, is all about improving and getting the best out of your e-commerce site. He provides insight into 9 different areas, such as website architecture/structure, improving the performance of the site, utilising event tracking, enabling a user review system, etc, and how these can all help improve the return on your e-commerce website.
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That’ll be it for this week’s round-up, feel free to give your opinion below, and share this post and the fantastic posts which we’ve mentioned. You can do this by clicking the “Tweet” button beside the corresponding post.

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