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Search Engine Weekly Round-Up #8

Search Engine Weekly Roundup

In this weekly instalment, we provide you with the finest blogs and articles from the worlds of SEO, marketing and social media. This week includes a review of the past year in search marketing, as well as a tip for the upcoming year. This is a pretty special edition considering we’re all going to blow up next week. Enjoy!

33 Links and How to Get Them
Justin Briggs

In this post from Justin Briggs, he provides a meticulous insight into how he and his team received some very reputable links, using a plethora of creative methods. You don’t often see genuine examples of methods which have worked for somebody, so the sheer transparency of a post like this is very commendable.

Justin goes through several ways in which he found success, with just one example being the creation of a “Making of” video. People love to see the origins and creation of a product, so that’s what Justin and his team tapped in to. After they launched one of their mobile games, they created one of these videos, and managed an article on IGN. Not bad, eh? There are so many excellent examples of how they managed powerful links in this post.
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Do the Work, or Quit Blogging
John Doherty

Once again, we have another fantastic post from John Doherty, this time regarding putting work into writing. He speaks about how people shouldn’t throw a blog together for the sake of it, most often for link building/link bait purposes, and how you should only write relevant, helpful content which will benefit the reader. I mean, I realise that I’m not quite a Hemingway with words, and I’m not a bonafide SEO guru, but I genuinely enjoy writing this blog. Reading these blogs and subsequently writing about them means I’m constantly learning about the content, as well as blogging itself, and I enjoy sharing the content which I find insightful and helpful.
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Top 1 SEO Tips For SEO 2013
Peter Myers

Yep, just the one tip, that’s all you are getting. Peter Myers’ post which is featured on SEOmoz provides one solitary word of wisdom regarding advice for the upcoming year: Diversify. He claims “any single-tactic approach is short-term at best. Real companies, real link profiles and real marketing are rich with variety”. He branches out the word diversify, and splits it into several key points:

  • Anchor Text
  • Links
  • Traffic Sources
  • Marketing
  • Point of View

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The Year of the Penguin: How 2012 Has Forever Changed SEO
Josh Patterson

Last week’s round-up
contained a bumper blog post regarding how SEO will fare in 2013, but here, we’re taking a look back at the past year, and how everything has changed. Josh Patterson goes through the year’s most impactful events and changes that have happened in the SEO world over the course of 2012, which has been such an eventful year. In his post on the Steamloft blog, he goes through topics such as arguably the  key point of 2012, the Penguin update, the rise of relationship building, the ascendancy of guest blogging, Google Authorship, etc.
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Google Zeitgeist 2012

On the subject of reflection, to wrap things up in fitting fashion, Google have released their review of the year. From 1.2 trillion searches, they’ve collated a list of the most searched terms of the year, where you can view these stats for the world overall, or individual countries. There is also an accompanying video, as well as an interactive world map. According to this, Whitney Houston was the most often searched term in 2012, trailed by Gangnam Style and Hurricane Sandy.  There are also different categories for this information, such as Images, where One Direction was the most often searched term, Films where Hunger Games was #1 and even Google+ Hashtags, where the ever so fun SOPA was at the forefront of people’s minds and fingertips.

That’ll be it for this week’s round-up; I thoroughly hope that you enjoyed this, and the wonderful content created by those we referred to.

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