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Search Engine Weekly Roundup #11

Search Engine Weekly Roundup

This weekly instalment provides you with some of the finest articles and blog posts from SEO, marketing, social media, etc. This week, there is content regarding keyword research, guest blogging and SEO for PDFs.

The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Guest Blogging
Pratik Dholakiya

Guest posting has seemingly blown up in popularity and indeed importance during 2012, so with this in mind, it’s going to be in a lot of people’s best interests to really get to grips with the overall process. Pratik Dholakiya has created a fantastic post which has been posted on YouMoz which covers 5 key aspects of guest posting; finding guest post opportunities, developing an idea, creating content, outreach and promotion. In this post, you’ll also find lists of what you should and shouldn’t do, past outreach experience, outreach tools, ideas on how to create content, etc. All in all, a fantastic post which is certainly a must read.
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Keyword Research
Nick Eubanks

Keyword research is a cornerstone of SEO; it is a vastly key component in the grand scheme of things. Though, you know this. You might scoff at a blog on such a widely known and discussed topic, but as somebody commented: “after reading this I literally felt like I had no idea as to what keyword research was”. So yeah, it’s decent. Nick Eubanks provides a mammoth post covering each area of keyword research, such as optimising for traffic/conversion, keyword value, analysing, et al. On top of this, Nick provides links to several tools throughout the post to help with the research process.
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Google Disavow Tool: 10 Insights from 4 Months of Testing
Tim Grice 

After 4 months of experience with Google’s Disavow tool, used on 20 websites, Tim Grice’s latest post on SEOWizz details 10 insights which he has to offer from him and his team’s use of the tool. He also posted something similar close to when the Disavow was first released, which you could find here.  Some of the insights Tim has provided include:
Timescales – You’ll generally get a response after reconsideration after 2 weeks, with a successful revoke seeing 4 weeks before any ranking improvement. Things seem to be taking longer this year.
Negative Signals – He has yet to see any negative impact after remedying an unnatural links message.
Site Wide Links – Removal of site wide links has worked very well in general.
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SEO for PDFs
Reid Bandremer

This post claims that people stay away from PDF pages due to them being so SEO unfriendly. In rebuttal to that, Reid Bandremer says the reason that they are seen this way is because they are very seldom ever properly optimised. HTML will continue to be the go-to option, but Reid gives several reasons as to why they’re still relevant and can be used. The crux of the post is a list of methods in which you can improve your PDF pages, such as lightening the file size and not saving the latest Acrobat version.
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That wraps up this week’s roundup; I thoroughly hope that you enjoyed this, as well as the wonderful content which we’ve referred to. Feel free to give your opinions below, and share this post and the posts which we’ve mentioned. You can do this by clicking the “Tweet” button beside the corresponding posts.

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