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Search Engine Weekly Roundup #12

Search Engine Weekly Roundup

The Search Engine Weekly Roundup is a weekly instalment on the Wow Internet blog, where I give you a list of finest blogs from the week, revolving around SEO, CRO, social media, marketing, etc. This week has some truly excellent content, covering an advanced SEO guide, SEO leader’s finest moments, as well as getting the best out of your eCommerce site and images.

The Advanced Guide to SEO
Neil Patel and Sujan Patel

Right, this might possibly be one of, if not THE finest SEO guide(s) out there. Provided by Neil and Sujan Patel, this is a nine chapter guide to advanced SEO techniques and strategies.  As the post states:

“This resource is piled to the top with tactile, immediately actionable things you can do to your website”, “I want you all to be insanely successful and prosperous on the web!”

Not a bad gesture, eh?
As I mentioned, it covers 9 topics (or chapters), featuring Indexation and Accessibility, WordPress, Keyword Research, Link Building with Content and it ends with Search Verticals. One other thing to add is that aesthetically, this post is fantastic, which is just the cherry on the cake. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a fully fledged SEO pro, this is an essential read.

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9 SEO Leaders Reveal Their Most Significant SEO Wins
Eric Siu

Treehouse’s Eric Siu provides the next post, which contains a list of responses from a set of SEO experts regarding one subject – their biggest SEO win. It’s always great to see people in the SEO field, especially the top experts, giving examples of what has worked for them. One rebuttal in this list is from Rand Fishkin, and he describes his work for Etsy, where he created a formal SEO guide which Etsy sent out, as well as webinars and forum interaction, all of which further educated Etsy’s sellers, and made a massive impact on the site as a whole. Other contributions come from the likes of Will Critchlow of Distilled and Ross Hudgens of Siege Media.
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Holy Grail of eCommerce Conversion Optimization

This goliath of a post is provided by CueBlocks, it was originally submitted to Youmoz, but the sheer quality of this post has seen it promoted to the main SEOmoz blog. It covers eCommerce, and getting the most out of your site, looking at conversion rate optimisation. This post covers 91 (!) points in total, over the course of a plethora of topics, from knowing your customers/user experience, to optimising your home page, navigation, product search, product page, etc., all up to shipping and customer re-targeting. They’ve also been kind enough to provide a very handy infographic. This post is certainly must read material if you’re looking to get the best out of your eCommerce site.
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Google Image Search: How to Drive Relevant Image Search Traffic
Elisa Gabbert

This post sees Elisa Gabbert speak about a rather overlooked subject, Google Image Search. She says it can be  easier to draw traffic in via image search/video as opposed to regular web search, due to there being less competition, and that the competition aren’t likely to have their content properly optimised. Also, Elisa goes through how you can go about optimising your images, going in to further detail in the two key points:

File Name – use file names that describe the image and are relevant and optimised for the targeted keyword.
Alt Attribute – you can use this during the coding process to give your image a description.

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As well as these blogs, there has been some great discussion on Inbound which is certainly worth a read:

AMA – Rand Fishkin
AMA – Dharmesh Shah
How would you do SEO for Anonymous?

That wraps up this week’s round-up; I thoroughly hope that you enjoyed the work of the creators of the content who have been mentioned. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section, and if you’ve enjoyed the work which has been cited, you can share it via the corresponding Tweet button.

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