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Search Engine Weekly Roundup #16

The Search Engine Weekly Roundup is where I give you a list of the finest blogs from the week, revolving around SEO, Social Media, CRO, Marketing, etc. This week looks at identifying an online community, how to further secure your WordPress site, proper SEO methods, and if content is king, who is queen?

SEO is NOT Dead, you are just doing it wrong!
James Norquay

SEO is a constantly changing industry, and with this change, some have claimed that SEO as we know it is a dying breed, with forms such as social media now taking the main stage. Well, James Norquay has disputed this with a small case study, in which he uses examples from his past work to prove that if you construct a well thought out, high quality SEO strategy, you can certainly reap the rewards. James’ post goes through 10 parts of the overall strategy, such as a full and proper link analysis and removing any poor links, link building methods such as outreach/blogging, cleaning up the site architecture, and working on content strategy. In the end, this overall strategy was a huge success, increasing the site in this case study’s traffic by over 400,000 unique visits per month.
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How to Identify an Online Community for Your Business
Mackenzie Fogelson

It’s certainly difficult when it comes to building the foundations of your viewership, and finding the right community and groups of people who you want to engage with. With the sheer importance of maintaining an online presence, it’s key to know what to start. Mackenzie Fogelson’s recent post on the SEOmoz blog really covers all points when it comes to identifying the right online community. She provides in-depth insight into the starting points, as well as finding communities via social media (utilizing Follerwonk), looking for communities with blogs, and some extra pointers on what to do after this, like how you should provide value to the community.
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If Content is King – Who is Queen?
Susanna Gebauer

This is a rebuttal to a question which somebody on Twitter asked Susanna Gebauer, regarding a recent post of hers; 8 Reasons Why Content is King in Social Media. This question simply asked: “If content is king, who is queen? This post states that there are many different areas which must be attended to, to ensure that you get the most out of your content. They all go hand-in-hand when it comes to aiding the ‘King’, and these are: Communication, Consistency, Purpose, Utility, Personality, Strategy, and Re-Evaluation.
This in mind, the general discussion surrounding this post suggests that context can be viewed as the queen in this scenario.
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9 Easy Steps to a More Secure WordPress Site
Zachary Russell

The final post in this week’s round-up is all about maximising security for your WordPress site. Though, as the post states, you can’t really have a completely bullet-proof site, these steps will help you ensure a highly secure WordPress site. Zachary mentions how you could:
Limit Log-in Attempts: This is a way that you can stop brute force attacks on your site.
Delete “Admin” User: This is the default user, and the easiest to get in to.
Run Security Scans: Use tools such as Sucuri to scan your site to see if it has been compromised.
This post is certainly worth a read if your site is run via WordPress.
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That wraps up this week’s roundup; I thoroughly hope that you enjoyed the work of the creators of the content who have been mentioned. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section, and if you’ve enjoyed the work which has been cited, you can share it via the corresponding Tweet button.

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