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Search Engine Weekly Roundup #18

The Search Engine Weekly Roundup is where I give you a list of the finest blogs from the week, revolving around SEO, Social Media, CRO, Marketing, etc. This week, we look at a new SEOmoz tool, how to get reviews from your customers, native marketing, and a link criteria.

Getting Low Hanging Links Using Fresh Web Explorer
Bill Sebald

On Wednesday the 6th of March, SEOmoz announced a brand new tool – the Fresh Web Explorer, which was described as “an easy way to track all of your links, social mentions, and web citations in one place”, and has been released as a beta to SEOmoz PRO subscribers. People have already had a play around with this new tool, and Bill Sebald of Green Lane SEO has already written something about the Fresh Web Explorer. He’s written about how this tool can search for several terms, and provide very quick findings, as well as how he wrote a review not so long ago, and can use this tool to find sites in which he can attain a link from regarding said review.
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How to Start Getting Reviews From Your Customers
Lenka Istvanova

User reviews are a massive part of e-commerce sites, or at least should be. Most people judge whether to buy a product based on reviews, so it’s key to get your customers to leave these reviews, and Lenka Istvanova has listed a set of methods you can try in order to attain these reviews.  She goes through 5 steps during this process, mentioning coming up with a strategy to start with, picking a good review source (Yelp, Reviewcentre, Google+, etc), utilising emails to gain reviews, embed a review process with every customer, and starting with your top customers. As well as all this advice, Lenka also speaks about how you can use social media in order to attain reviews.
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Native Advertising: Marketing Flop or Marketing Future?
Sherice Jacob

This blog post is all about native advertising, where an advert is placed in a way which is contextual to the user’s experience, seamlessly blending in. Sherice Jacob’s post on the KISSmetrics blog takes a deeper look at these adverts, whilst looking at past examples of native advertising, looking at where brands have chosen wisely, and gone wrong with their adverts. She also covers what customers tend to feel about native advertising, as well as a great section entitled “Bridging the Gap between Help and Hype”, looking at ways in which to use these adverts.
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One Does Not Simply Buy Links
Adam Steele

The final post in this roundup comes from Adam Steele, who has gone to the trouble of coming up with a very handy link criteria. This is a scoring system, which Adam and his team judge any potential link purchases. It looks at two areas in particular:
Qualitative – Site is indexed in Google, regular blog posts, comments in blog posts, doesn’t have ads, etc.
Quantitative – Over 100 combined likes and Tweets, over 100 pages indexed, site is at least 1 year old, etc.
He also raises the point that whilst this may not seem like the most earth shattering information, people will tend to neglect these points when acquiring their links.
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That wraps up this week’s roundup; I thoroughly hope that you enjoyed the work of the creators of the content who have been mentioned. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section, and if you’ve enjoyed the work which has been cited, you can share it via the corresponding Tweet button

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