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Search Engine Weekly Roundup #20

The Search Engine Weekly Roundup is where I give you a list of the finest blogs from the week, revolving around SEO, Social Media, CRO, Marketing, etc. This week looks at outsourcing, must-have SEO tools, how somebody got a link from CNET, and a very creative new website.

The Big Guide to Outsourcing
Matt Beswick

The first post this week looks at outsourcing, where Matt Beswick has collated his thoughts on the matter, and sources to help your own outsourcing. He says that its importance comes from taking the dull tasks that we all have to sift through, and ensuring an efficient way of getting them done. This post covers the key areas of this topic: Research, content, design, outreach and coding. In each of these sections, there are various tools related to each area, such as the usage of oDesk in regards to outsourcing research, and 99designs for design work, as well Matt’s success with these sources. A very helpful article, seeing as, well, we’d all love to get those redundant tasks out of our hair, and this is guide on doing it.
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3 Must-Have SEO Tools: 17 SEO Experts Weigh In
Troy Fawkes

Over the past few weeks, Troy Fawkes of the Powered by Search blog has been speaking to various SEO experts, and has collated a list of responses to his main question: If they could only use 3 tools in their speciality, what would they be?
He has listed responses from the likes of SEOBook’s Aaron Wall, who speaks about Google search results, Distilled’s Geoff Kenyon who speaks about Screaming Frog, as well as many other experts. This post is certainly worth a read, as each SEO expert explains why their chosen tools are so useful. Also, Troy says that he might update this post with more answers, so it’s worth checking back as well.
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How I Got a Link from CNET (Link Building Outreach Strategy using Twitter)
Geromme Talampas

In this post, Geromme Talampas speaks about how a quick, simple interaction with a writer for CNET netted his site a link from the tech giants. He contacted a CNET writer who wrote something regarding smartphones, relevant to a site of his. After a couple of back-and-forth tweets, she added a link to his site in the article.
It’s a part of his Blogger and Social Outreach Strategy, all related to relationship building, though without the usual end goal of attaining some form of guest post. It also goes to show just how important social media is, how much of a role it can play in SEO, and how much it can benefit you.
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The Short Cutts
Click Consult 

To wrap things up, here’s a lovely little bonus. It may not be a blog/article, but it’s certainly one of the highlights of the week. The folk at Click Consult have taken all of the questions/answers from Matt Cutts’ videos, and put them all up on this website in bite size form. As the website itself says, sometimes you just have to cut to the point, and don’t fancy watching a 2-3 minute video. One creative idea that they’ve thrown in here is that you can sort these videos by which shirt he’s wearing in the video. This is one of my favourite things that I’ve seen in quite a while, and has probably left most thinking “why didn’t I think of that?”
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That wraps up this week’s roundup; I thoroughly hope that you enjoyed the work of the creators of the content who have been mentioned. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section, and if you’ve enjoyed the work which has been cited, you can share it via the corresponding Tweet button.

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