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Search Engine Weekly Roundup #22

The Search Engine Weekly Roundup is where I give you a list of the finest blogs from the week, revolving around SEO, Social Media, CRO, Marketing, et al. This week, we look at creative link building and link building resources, as well as what to think about when building a landing page, and how to build an online community.

The Second Most Creative Link Building Post Ever
Jon Cooper

The Most Creative Link Building Post Ever was one of the most popular posts of the past few months, and is currently the highest rated article on Inbound.org. Jon Cooper of Point Blank SEO asked a group of SEOs “What was the most creative way you, or someone you know, got a link?”, and listed their responses in the aforementioned post. This post is a follow up to that, due to the sheer flurry of responses that he got, and the popularity of the post. This is a fantastic read, which contains very creative, inventive link building methods from some of the finest SEOs around.
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Big-Ass List of Link Building Resources
Paddy Moogan

On the topic of link building and methods you can implement, we’ve got Paddy Moogan’s absolutely gargantuan list of link building resources. As his post on Link Building Book states, this is a massive collection which he has accrued over the past few years. It’s not just a list thrown together either, there are a plethora of different categories you can peruse, including everything from Outreach to Link Analysis and Case Studies. Another interesting feature which Paddy has added to this is that there is a form where you can submit links to content that hasn’t been mentioned here.
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7 Things to Think About Before Designing Your Next Landing Page
Jason Delodovici

Ensuring that your landing page is efficiently put together is one of the most important that you can do. This in mind, people can tend to go for a more aesthetically pleasing, artistic landing page, and not necessarily take efficiency into account, and end up creating something with no effect on conversion. Jason Delodovici’s latest post on his eponymously named site takes note of this, and has listed 7 things you really should consider when creating your landing page. He speaks about how you should consider your business objective, your audience, your product, etc. Considering the importance of optimising your landing page, this is certainly worth a read.
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How to Build an Online Community for Your Business
Mackenzie Fogelson

The final post in this week’s roundup is all about building a community for your business. Mackenzie Fogelson states that there is an array of reason why you should do this, and how it could benefit your business. For example, she that building a community will prevent you from focusing your business around what Google will do next, though an online community will help focus things on your business. Though, the main crux of this post details how you can go about attaining an online community. Mackenzie’s post on the SEOmoz blog looks at a 9-part strategy which you can implement to build a community around your business, and wraps things up with some helpful tips.
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That wraps up this week’s roundup. I thoroughly hope that you enjoyed the work of the creators of the content who have been mentioned. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section. If you’ve enjoyed the work which has been cited, you can share it via the corresponding Tweet button.

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