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SEO Expert Offers Social Media Advice to SEO Birmingham Firms and Others

A leading expert in the field of SEO has claimed that companies that attempt to make use of social media in their SEO campaigns must be careful to do it right, lest they fail to attract the right audience to their website.

Gareth Owen, writing in the Search Engine Watch, has claimed that its is much better practice to ensure the quality of your social media posts, rather than simply going for pure quantity.

He suggests, for example, that having fewer fans who hold higher authority is better than having many fans who aren’t relevant to the company you are attempting to promote.

He also believes closely monitoring page rankings can give businesses new insights into how effective their various media strategies are. He concludes that “it’s quality and not necessarily quantity that will win the day with social SEO”, Mr Owen adds that creating quality content and links remain an important part of SEO campaigns.

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