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Search Engine Weekly Round-up #34

The Search Engine Weekly Round-up is where I look at the finest articles, talking points and news from the week from the worlds of SEO, Marketing, Social Media, etc. This week looks at advanced ecommerce SEO, link building tips, landing pages and the role of social media managers.

Advanced SEO for Ecommerce – Maximising Keyword Spread
Nick Eubanks

The first post in this week’s round-up comes from Nick Eubanks, who has taken an in-depth look at an maximising keyword spread, something which he described as being similar to a condor approach – looking to limit risk whilst increasing profit, or in this case, keyword opportunities.
This post runs through several examples of how maximising keyword spread can prove to be fruitful in the SERPs, and offers vast amounts of insight in to how you can actually go about developing this process yourself.
During this process, Nick speaks about how you should conduct a proper keyword performance audit, utilise your site’s hierarchy to pass relevance, as well as use similar content in place of products, all with the endgame being to rank for as many fruitful keywords as you possibly can. This is a truly superb post, and is certainly a highly valuable resource to have.

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22 Link Building Tips
Jason Acidre

I know, you might be bored rigid with the plethora of “Best Link Building Tips” blogs which are floating around, but this certainly differs from the norm. The ever excellent Jason Acidre has put together a list of 22 link building tips which he and his company have been using for quite a while now.
Jason speaks about a broad range of different ways for you to acquire various links, delving into topics such as evergreen content, creating reusable content, building relationships, promoting useful content (hey!), and several more highly useful tips for you to look through and integrate into your own SEO strategy.

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17 Landing Pages Get a Good Old Fashioned Roasting
Eric Sloan

This post, courtesy of Eric Sloan, takes a look at various landing pages, and as the title suggests, Eric gives them a thorough review. Of these landing pages, it’s definitely a mixed bag – it’s not just a bunch of small business’ pages being thrown under a bus so to speak.
Each landing page is discected, with each of it’s feature noted and reviewed, and any areas which are deemed unnecessary/poorly done are offered ways to improve upon them.
If you’re designing or indeed re-designing your landing pages, this is a fantastic resource to keep in mind, as pretty much everything you’ll find on a landing page has been covered in this post.

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Social Media Managers: what they do & what they should do
Ksenia Dobreva

Ksenia states in this post that their have been a fair few misconceptions about the role of social media managers and what the job entails. In this post, Ksenia speaks about the specifications of a role is social media management, going through each of the areas which are attended to in this job role, showing that it’s not just a case of spamming your site’s content and dossing on Twitter all day.
I play a part in managing the social media for various clients, and this post really is spot on. Topics mentioned on this post such as constant analysis, always being on the pulse and proper brand management are all huge factors in managing social media accounts.

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That’s all for this week’s round-up. If you fancy sharing the content which has been mentioned in this blog, click the corresponding Tweet buttons. So, what have been your favourite articles of the week? Feel free to leave your comments below

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