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Search Engine Weekly Roundup #36

The Search Engine Weekly Round-up is a quick collection of the finest articles from the online marketing world that have been released throughout the week. In the 36th instalment of this content round-up, we have articles which look at the current state of SEO, link building in 2006, getting links when you’re releasing a new website, and a massive list of free SEO tools and resources.

Revealed: The New SEO

The first post in this week’s roundup has certainly been the most discussed over the course of the week, as Glen of ViperChill has written a lengthy post regarding the state of the SERPs. The crux of this post looks at plenty of examples in which the SERPs have taken a bit of a battering, for various reasons, such as Google’s efforts to maintain “freshness”, meaning that possibly more relevant, valuable content gets left behind, and how spammy content is dominating some of the SERPs. Here’s a direct quote from the post, summing up his thoughts on the situation:

Not every single search phrase out there is being gamed so openly or easily, but there’s enough happening for me to comfortably say these are the worst search results I’ve seen in years.

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Link Building in 2006
Dustin Verburg

One of the more interesting posts that I’ve seen recently, Dustin Verburg has collated the thoughts of several SEO experts on their thoughts and past experiences in regards to link building in 2006. I mean, I was 12 in 2006, so I didn’t really have the greatest knowledge of link building at the time, considering most of it was spent on MSN and Habbo Hotel. So, it’s certainly very interesting to see how things were way back when. The likes of Chris Dyson, Bill Sebald and Chris Gilchrist look at topics such as outreach, paid links, article spinning, and how the future was perceived to play out back in 2006.
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7 Ways to Get Links When Launching a New Website
Erin Everhart

Launching a completely fresh website is certainly somewhat of a daunting task, but as 352’s Erin describes in this post on Search Engine Land, there is a treasure trove of link potential to be tapped into right off the bat. This post looks at a few methods that can be implemented to build links to your brand new site, based on the recent release of 352, formerly known as 352 Media.
Methods mentioned in this post include informing your clients of the new site launch (with personalised emails), releasing pre and post-launch press, as well as getting your site’s name out there in the realm of social media.
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The 100 Best Free SEO Tools & Resources
Cyrus Shephard

Whilst you may need to pay for the high-end SEO tools in order to get certain features, metrics, et al, there are an absolute plethora of completely free SEO tools and resources out there, and Cyrus Shephard of Moz has compiled a list of the cream of the crop. This post also has a very helpful filter which will help you in case you’re looking for a tool to suite a specific need, and the filter itself covers essentially ever area of our industry.
This post also includes a few tools which have premium, paid for editions, and some tools which have free trials. It’s definitely worth at least bookmarking this post, as it could prove to be invaluable in your search for the right SEO tool(s).
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Just to wrap things up for this week, Inbound has certainly been interesting this week, with some very active community discussions.


The latter of which saw plenty of community activity, with over 150 comments on the matter. It also caused quite a bit of controversy, as some opinions stated in the threads being seen as rather… unsavoury. On an unrelated note, anyone up for some scrapbooking?

That’s all for this week’s round-up. If you fancy sharing the content which has been mentioned in this blog, click the corresponding Tweet buttons. So, what have been your favourite articles of the week? Feel free to leave your comments below

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