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Simple Car Sale Case Study

It’s simple, you’re here to read an amazing case study! Luckily for you, we have just that! Before we go into all the stats and specifics, it’s important to highlight what they do and give you some company background.


What do they do?

Simple Car Sale pride themselves on giving users a short and hassle-free experience when it comes to selling their car.

Users follow 3 simple steps which include the following:

  • Providing vehicle details over the phone or on the website with a price for the vehicle
  • They collect the car from you (or you can drop it off)
  • Bank transfer is arranged

Now, for the juicy bit. Let’s break down everything we did for them, from start to finish.


The aim:

The aim, set by the client, was to acquire 10 daily enquiries using a budget of £100 per day. This would be achieved through Google Adwords.

As a test, we thought to begin with £25 per day, aiming for 3 daily enquiries.

Simply put;

Client aim: 10 daily enquiries with £100

Our (initial) aim: 3 daily enquiries with £25


The research:

Before we started on creating memorable ads, it was time to research and analyse.

Amo went forth with, arguably, the two most important aspects of this campaign.

Keyword research and competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis – Looking at existing PPC campaigns of competitors is a great place to start. We look for numerous things:

  1. What platforms they’re running their campaigns on.
  2. The text of the campaign. Is there something that can be improved?
  3. What keyword(s) are they using?

Keyword research – Once we have all the information above, it’s time to start planning what keywords we’re going to be using. To help us with this is the tool known as “google keyword planner”.


Google Keyword Planner


Whilst I can’t give away which keywords we searched for; it’s important to include this free tool so you can use it in your own campaigns. Alternatively, you could save yourself a headache and let us do the hard work. (Call us on 0121 285 1100 – extension 1).


The preparation:

A good PPC campaign is just the beginning. Depending on what the objective is, a separate landing may need to be created.

In this case, it was necessary.

To reflect the simplicity of Simple Car Sale, the landing page also had to be simple. Take a look below:

Simple Car Sale Free Valuation

DID YOU KNOW: The average user decides whether or not to stay on a landing page in 2-3 seconds.

In other words; first impressions count.

What do you think of the landing page? Comment below and tell us what you would change (or simply if you think we did an amazing job)!


The outcome:

The outcome was astounding.

In the span of 13 days; Simple Car Sale received 141 enquiries.

Simple Car Sale Stats

With a daily budget of £25 we were generating, on average, 11 enquiries per day.

See for yourself.


The conclusion:

The success of this campaign can be attributed to many factors.

A huge chunk of that success was down to the copy of the ad itself, which is a product of awesome research and competitor analysis.

Our awesome marketing team pooled their skills together to create a satisfied customer. Job well done!

Good job Amo, Helen, and Anna (who was a part of this campaign at the time).

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