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Single vs multi page Magento checkout!

Single vs multi page Magento checkout!

A good follow on from last week’s article is the single vs multi page Magento checkout. The checkout process can be tricky to get down. On one hand you’re trying not to rush your buyer into purchasing, but on the other hand you’re also not trying to add too many steps to the checkout process. When buyers feel like they’re rushed into making a purchase, they’re often hesitant as they feel they have to make a decision too quickly. However, when they are going through a lengthy process, it may persuade them to just drop their shopping cart and go elsewhere.

What I’m going to do is compare the two, giving strengths and weaknesses and then leave it to you to decide which is best for your business (as each business will have different circumstances)!

Single-Page Checkout:

A single page checkout is simply where the checkout process fits on a single page…


ü  Speed:

Sometimes people are just looking for a quick shopping experience, and this is what the one step checkout was made for. Never before has purchasing something online been so quick and efficient for buyers. A fairly quick process encourages a customer to finalise a purchase before changing their mind or going somewhere else.

ü  Progressive:

When using a single page checkout, users can see how far they’ve progressed with the order and how far they have to go before completing the purchase. With this, it can even motivate customers to finish the purchase off.


c        Problems with the layout:

The main issue with a single page checkout is that if you have multiple fields to enter information into, the page may start to look crammed with boxes and what have you. Now this may actually backfire and drive customers away so it’s important to also be very wary of your design when going for a one step checkout.

c        Customers may feel rushed:

A single page checkout has the potential to significantly boost sales, however there’s also a downside. Some customers may feel rushed as the whole process is condensed. With more expensive products, it is probably a bad idea. It may turn people away if they’re going to buy something expensive, but are limited to a single page.

Multi-Page Checkout:

A multi-page checkout is where the checkout lasts more than one page…


ü  Better layout:

The layout issue with the single-page checkout is an advantage for the multi-page checkout. Since you have multiple pages to spread your content over, nothing will seem cluttered.

ü  Analyse which part loses customers:

With the power of Google analytics (a powerful digital marketing tool), you’ll be able to check exactly which page you’re losing most of your customers, enabling you to go and change things up in order to secure more sales! In a single-page checkout, you can only know that the user has abandoned their cart, full stop.


c        Higher dropout rate:

Customers may be de-motivated by the fact that there are multiple pages/steps to go through to complete the order. This may cause people to drop out before completing the purchase, lowering the conversion rate. It is said that the ideal number of pages for a Magento multi-page checkout is 3.

And there you have it, some pros and cons laid out for you to decide whether you want a single or multi-page checkout. Also feel free to leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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