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Social Day Birmingham The Finalised Agenda

Social Day Birmingham finalised agenda

Social Day Birmingham – an event NOT to be missed:

When you have the UK’s leading marketing digital experts and a plethora of SMEs in the same room, you’re guaranteed two things; VALUE and LIGHT-BULB MOMENTS!

With Social Day Birmingham being exactly a month away, it seems fitting to talk about what’s on the agenda. This article will give you a run-down of each speaker, their backgrounds and what to expect.

But before we do this, grab yourself a ticket to social day here: https://goo.gl/0uOnXz

£15 off with code: wow15

Julia Bramble:

From leading a team of forensic scientists to becoming a social marketing consultant – Julia adds value by using her “forensic thinking”. Not to mention she also has a PHD…

“The social media scientist” (Julia) has been to be featured on the Guardian, the Evening standard and is a regular writer for the Devon Life Business Magazine.

Julia’s talk is titled “The one thing that will either kill (your) social media marketing or set you apart as a desirable brand”.


Daniel Knowlton:

Daniel is the co-founder of KPS Digital Marketing and has been named #12 most influential digital marketer on Twitter in 2016.

If this doesn’t already make him stand out from the crowd; Daniel has also contributed to major marketing publications such as Social Media Examiner, Content Marketing Institute and Jeff Bullas’ Blog!

His talk is titled “What is Influencer Marketing” – an absolute essential for those in the retail and leisure industry.


Desislava Dobreva:

Aside from having a “badass” name, Desislava is the founder of the Social media badass Academy and the online course “Zero to Badass”!

Not only does she have an amazing community at her fingertips; she specialises, and takes great pride in, helping others grow their online community.

If you’re struggling to create an online space on Social Media where you can gather like-minded followers, Desislava is the woman for you.

Her talk is titled “Cracking the insta code: How to really use Instagram for business”.


Qasim Majid:

A name that needs no introduction whatsoever…Wow Zone’s very own Qasim Majid will be contributing to Social Day by giving away the 8 steps to social media success.

Qasim has been featured on the Huffington Post, UK Trade and Investment, Forbes, and, his most proud achievement to date; Channel 4’s very own #thejobinterview.

His talk, as mentioned above, will be the “8 steps to social media success”. Watch out, there will be some amazing nuggets of information given away!

Grab yourself a ticket to social day here: https://goo.gl/0uOnXz

£15 off with code: wow15

Victoria Taylor:

Being the founder of Blend Social and Media Hub Create means Victoria will be helping customers really understand how to leverage the social/digital sphere effectively!

Customer experience is essential in a world where every competitor wants to steal your customers, which is why Victoria will be going over how you should put your customer at the forefront of everything you do.

Her talk is titled “the customer experience”.


Lucy Hall:

Lucy Hall Social Day
Avviso Media’s Lucy Hall will be going over some absolute essentials for social media, moulding your business’ social media strategy into a well-oiled machine!

Lucy will be giving information about automation tools, image creation, data collection, productivity, analytics and social media growth; covering all essential bases.

Her talk is titled “social media business tools workshop”.


Andrew and Peter:

Andrew and Peter are the dynamic duo of the social media realm. Not only do they deliver value, they do so in an entertaining and energetic way!

Accolades include Digital and Social Media Company of the Year (Newcastle Business Awards) and finalists for “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” at the Living North Awards.

Be ready because you can expect the unexpected…

Their talk is titled “How to create content that does not, well, suck”!


Amrit Singh:

Livestreaming has now become necessary and brands are using it to engage with their customers in “real time”.

Thankfully, this is Amrit’s forte and you’ll be getting the lowdown on Livestream success. Amrit’s livestreams have attracted over 2,500,000 views and he is an award winning designer/artist.

His talk is titled “livestream success”


Mike Hacker:

Mike has been a filmmaker for over 25 years; with his work being featured on the History Channel, Animal Planet and the AETN Group.

He helps SMEs tell their stories in ways which will gain attention and attraction!

As storytelling and video are now both an integral part of social media, Mike’s workshop is absolutely essential as the tips and tricks he will go over can mostly be done from a smartphone!

His talk is titled “Create quality video for business with your smartphone”.


Abdul Shakur:

Abdul is listed as 16th of 100 most powerful Young Entrepreneurs in the world! His specialty is social spelling, helping businesses increase revenue through social media. 

At the tender age of 22, Abdul has overcome homelessness TWICE and now has an office in Central London. 

His talk is titled “What is social selling” – critical to those who will want to increase revenue through social. 

In between these amazing speakers will be networking breaks, with free refreshments provided! What are you waiting for? Book on to Social Day Birmingham NOW: 

Grab yourself a ticket to social day here: https://goo.gl/0uOnXz

£15 off with code: wow15

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