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Social Day UK 2016 - Why your business needs to be there

Social Day UK 2016 – Why your business needs to be there!

Social Day UK 2016 – 5 reasons why your business needs to be there!

Social Day is less than 5 days away and excitement is through the roof here at Wow! It’s easy to understand why too, with massive influences from the Social Media industry delivering strategic talks, this is one event NOT to be missed out on. That leads us on to the main bulk of the article; Social Day UK 2016 – 5 reasons why your business needs to be there!

The line-up of speakers:

As you can see (from the picture below) there will be a great line-up of speakers sharing what works for them. Now, a lot of conferences nowadays tell you (generically) why you should be on social media and how it will benefit your business. Well, at #SocialDayUK the speakers will be revealing exactly how you can use social media to your advantage, going into a lot more depth on how to successfully execute your strategies. Sound fun? Of course it does!

Social Day Agenda

The value of the event far exceeds the ticket price:

Just from taking a look at the agenda above you know It’s going to provide value, value which will far exceed the price of the ticket. Oh, and did we mention that with Wow Zone you can get £15 off? You heard right, this exclusive event aimed at helping businesses achieve real social media growth is now ONLY £40 a ticket!

Promo Code: wow

The diversity of knowledge

From Snapchat marketing to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, a range of different social media platforms will be covered. Not only this, but other topics such as live videos, outreach marketing on Twitter, video content production, branding, building relationships, generating leads and so much more knowledge is there for you to soak up and implement into your businesses!

It’s Jargon Free:

There will be a diverse group of delegates, there is no doubt about that. Avisso Media have understood this which is why the event will be jargon free. Whether your business has yet to launch themselves on any social media platforms or you simply need to refine your content strategy; Social Day UK has you covered! Every word uttered will be understandable to social media newbies and experts alike which is important that you get on to the event BEFORE bookings close.

Have a question? Ask the expert panel yourself!

Sometimes we have problems that are only relevant to our business or industry and often it can be difficult to find the solution to such problems (because the internet doesn’t provide this information to us). Well, why not just ask the experts yourself? Not only will you be gaining knowledge from listening to others, but will also be able to ask questions yourself.

Do you really need any more reasons to be at #SocialDayUK? Book on to the event ASAP because tickets are going.

Book on to the event NOW!

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